Wii U dev kits “just collected dust” at Just Cause 2 studio


The latest developer to voice their concerns over the Wii U’s small installed base is Avalanche Studio’s founder.


Christofer Sundberg commented to Pressfire [as cited by Escapist] that the studio did receive development kits, but that the kits “just collected dust,” at the studio.

“It’s a bit sad, because we wanted to do something. I think it is a cool platform, but right now it’s not just up to us.

“We want the game to reach as many as possible.”

Sundberg also claimed that Nintendo has always been “difficult to reach.” He explained that “you never quite know who to contact.”

GamesIndustry note that the Wii U’s hardware could be a serious concern, not being able to run next-generation game engines. Epic can’t run the Unreal Engine 4 on the Wii U, and this week it was announced that Frostbite 3 created games will also be skipping the Wii U.

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