Why Are So Many Games Broken Online?

 by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira


It seems that every big title I get nowadays is filled with issues.


First, there was the update to Gears of War 2 that resulted in me retiring my beloved copy. Yes, they fixed a few things but there were still issues, just different ones this time.


Then I really got into UFC Undisputed 2009, and I was having a ball with in working my way up to the huge task of reaching Level 50. It was so difficult to get there because of opponents [sore losers] dropping before the loss, so I couldn’t accumulate a good streak to get me those big points. THQ were begged to fix this major issue and a few minor ones, and they ended up making the game worse… unplayable really with lag like never before, and that was providing you could even find a fight before having to go to bed. So once again it resulted in me giving up on a game that could have had me playing until the next title was released.


Usually EA games are reliable, with their dedicated servers it usually gives for smooth online play. Not anymore, it seems, FIFA is now preparing a major patch for recently released Fifa 10, and I can’t go five games without ‘loosing connection to servers.’ Previous Fifa titles were always great online, smooth with no lag excepting a few opponents dropping they were generally good.


Operation Flashpoint too is riddles with bugs, making it worthless as a multi-player title. So you have a ‘could-be’ brilliant shooter that is only good for co-op or single player.

Just when I thought my year couldn’t get worse, with the history that the Forza series has had online, I would have banked on the fact that Forza 3 was going to pick up where it left off, but already people are complaining and it looks as if Turn10 may have broken the ‘King of online racers.’ Some of the greatest features from Forza 2 are no longer. No more LAN, you cannot race ‘tuned cars’ in lobbies, the public search factor has issues and more. I mean Forza 2 was perfect, so why would you change anything? Just give us new cars and tracks and let’s carry on as normal.


So I ask what is going on with games nowadays. Why do so many of them need just about an overhaul after release? And finally, can I cancel my ADSL and save some money, because I can’t seem to use it for much online gaming?





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