We really planned to release this wrap of our 2016 before the year ended, but as things go, we were just a little… well, busy doing a few things. We’re still a little proud of what we achieved, and wanted to share it with you, because without you, these things wouldn’t have happened.

ACGL – and the individuals and family organisations that make up ACGL – had a particularly pleasing 2016, and looking back, we realised that we were part of all three major gaming expos of the year, as well as being involved in some other very varied events.

Of course, without the support of the communities, we wouldn’t be able to talk about what a great year it has been, so thank you to every player, supporter, sponsor, box carrier, admin, behind-the-scenes operator and person that helped us make 2016 only the beginning.

This was our 2016…

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