What Borderlands Will Do With Cheaters

They will hang them alongside their partners in the town-square in Rome…..okay maybe not that. Sorry, I have been reading up on Mussolini.

So it looks like Gearbox Software, the developers, will not be tolerating cheaters and they told GamePro what they plan to do about online cheaters.

“We’re going to wait and see what the cheaters do, and then we’ll attack them,” says Gearbox honcho Randy Pitchford. “It’s the only way to fight them; they’ll be there no matter what we do. The console versions are a safer space, obviously…and you can play split-screen!”

Okay that doesn’t really sound like too much but I am glad that they at least acknowledge the fact that there will be cheaters and they will be watching. I for one hope for the best as this game looks sick. I can definitely see myself playing many hours online, so the more cheaters they defect the better.

For more on the interview with the CEO of Borderlands developer, Randy Pitchford and GamePro head over here.


And how cool is the Box-Art!