Wet: Review (Xbox 360)

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira



Rubi Malone is the main actress/heroine based on the gorgeous Eliza Dushku. She uses acrobatics, guns and a sword in slow-mo great action to revenge the ‘bad guys’ that set her up in this ‘out-there’ action shooter with elements of plat-forming and lovely use of slow-motion action. It plays out and even looks like a ‘retro’ movie, being played from a reel, so it really looks authentic to say the least. The latter statement is why you will read repeatedly that it has a ‘Tarantino’ type of look to it, which should be a huge compliment to the developers.

Wet was developed by Artificial Mind and Movement and published by Bethesda. It is not difficult to see what games influenced the developers; but with its great cast, gratuitous language, soundtrack and artwork; Wet has enough character to stand on its own. This adventure thrusts you through famous cities across the globe including Hong-Kong, San Francisco, Texas and London.



Gameplay and Features


Firstly, you have the use of some cool weapons including a set of pistols, a shotgun, a submachine gun, a crossbow and a sword. Guns are controlled by the usual RT button and face buttons for the rest. Wet uses ‘bullet time’ slow-mo as previously mentioned, where you combine the acrobatic movements with your shooting enemies, stringing along eye-catching combos.The aim is to keep a combo going which then increases your multiplier, which in turn increases your health regeneration. So because of this you are rewarded for going in big and it makes for eye-candy film reel as the developers intended, very cool indeed.


The first type of gameplay is ‘Arena Fighting’. Here you have to break doors that keep spawning enemies until you break these doors. Once done you then defeat all the enemies in the arena. If you are not quick and smooth to get to the doors, it can lead to an over-whelming amount of enemies. To get to the doors you will need to perform some sort of acrobats with the aid of all sorts of ramps, bars and others.

The second type of gameplay is the ‘quick time events,’ no faults here to report. The developers did a great job with this aspect of the game. You will need to do a fast lap so to speak, by stringing together acrobatic combos and shooting targets down. I really enjoyed this part of the game.


The last type of gameplay is the on-rails shooting. This consists of three relatively short levels, two of which are riding on vehicles with the third being freeform skydiving. The vehicle segments have you jumping from vehicle to vehicle in a series of QTE’s as you shoot down pursing bad guys in real time. You need to shoot the baddies before they shoot you and you will need to press the face-buttons when requested to keep going. In this aspect of the game, you will need to be smooth and shoot the bad guys down before they shoot you. No mistakes or “its tickets.”


I think some might not get the graphics. Look up the word ‘retro’ and you should, like me, think that the art direction in indeed very cool indeed. As I have said, the aim was that the game plays as if you are watching a retro-flick. The colour pallet goes very nicely with the theme of the title. Once again, the presentation is according to the theme. Do not expect characters to look realistic, rather like something out of a cool comic.


The soundtrack in the game is just brilliant. Again, I think the soundtrack would not be out of place in a ‘Tarantino’ movie. It’s a laid back, funky soundtrack that goes nicely with the pace, artwork and style of the game. The voice artists did a stunning job and you can expect many ‘one-liners’ from both Ruby and the rest of the cast. I am sure that allot of effort was put in to the dialogue and it definitely shines in this department.


Bits I loved


Pure fun and a joy to play

Excellent sound track.

Slow motion, huge combos are awesome to put together.

Love the artwork.



Bits I disliked


Controls are not silky smooth.

Repetitive gameplay.

Not the longest game.

Some might not get the gfx.

Not the deepest and most involving game




I think that this game will appeal much more to those who love all-things ‘retro.’ I loved the relaxed nature of the gameplay. It did not require my sharpest attention and I could just sit back and watch the brilliant acrobatics take place, listening to a cool soundtrack. Yes, it is not without its faults technically, and I was not always able to hit the ‘sweet spot’ with smooth gameplay because the controls were not as polished as they could be. However, it was pure, simple fun without. Overlook the technical faults and some repetition and enjoy this game for the ‘cool kid’ of a game it is trying to be. I’m not convinced it is an absolute day.1 purchase, but definitely worthy of a go, even if it is just to find out if you are one of those that it will really appeal to…like me.

WET is also available on the Playstation3

For more visit the official site.