As (hopefully) many would be aware, there is an expo happening at the Cape Town International Convention Centre at the end of May, and yes, we can confirm that the event organisers Impact Exhibitions will be making it (it being the Electronics & Gaming Expo) happen.

What we’re only now in a position to start revealing is that we will have some space at the event – the Electronic & Gaming Expo – and we’ll be sharing it with some friends to bring a competitive nature to proceedings.

In conjunction with Impact Exhibitions (who are supplying the space, internet infrastructure and the initial cash prize pool), we will be bringing Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on both Xbox One and PS4, Mortal Kombat X on PS4, FIFA 15 on Xbox 360, CS: GO on PC, and more to the expo.

We have friends…

To do this we will be working with Nick Holden of Clan Connection, Luca Tucconi and Chris Schafer of Orena, and TGN Racing Simulators, along with a host of honourary zombies to make sure the event can indeed happen. We’re loathe to call it a community undertaking, but to be fair this is one of those occasions that, without the community, the part of CTICC we will call home for three days just won’t happen.

We will be opening pre-registrations for the various titles over the coming days, and while we would prefer teams and players to secure their spots by pre-registering and paying, if we haven’t hit the player/team cap and spots are available still on the day, entries will be accepted at the venue.

All participants must also please note that we expect no tardiness in respect to times and requests made for this event as there are time restrictions beyond our control. Players will need to note that the tournaments (other than FIFA 15 and Mortal Kombat X) are all bring your own – that includes monitors, your console/PC and peripherals – and all liability for the equipment is yours. While we will have admins and other eyes on things, ultimately you will need to ensure the security of your personal belongings.

The competitive area – and its associated main stage – will be in the same floor area as the expo itself, meaning that while spectators will be there to view your skills, players will also need to be aware of that fact and be mindful of their language and actions. This is an opportunity to show those not aware of eSports and the competitive scene the positive part of it, so any unruly, unwarranted or generally bad behaviour will result in some sort of repercussions.

And yes, we did mention a stage. Select matches will be played on the stage and matches from the Xbox One Call of Duty and PC CS: GO tournaments will be streamed for viewers who are not at the venue. We will also feature the final few matches of the FIFA 15 and Mortal Kombat X tournaments on the stage and via stream.

So let’s get down to the broad details in an effort to assist those planning to attend (as players or even spectators) with their, well, planning.


CC Logo_02Title: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
Platform: Xbox One (BYO)
Format: 4v4 eSports
Dates: 30 May 2015 – Group Phase | 31 May 2015 – Playoffs (Single Elimination)
Entry Fee: R150 per player
Confirmed Cash Prize Pool: R15,000
Min./Max. Teams: 12/24 Teams

Title: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
Platform: PS4 (BYO)
Format: 4v4 eSports
Dates: 31 May 2015 – Playoffs (Double Elimination)
Entry Fee: R100 per player
Confirmed Cash Prize Pool: R7,500
Min./Max. Teams: 8/12 Teams

horizontal-blackTitle: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Platform: PC (BYO)
Format: 5v5 eSports
Dates: 30 May 2015 – Group Phase | 31 May 2015 – Playoffs (Single Elimination)
Entry Fee: R150 per player
Confirmed Cash Prize Pool: R15,000
Min./Max. Teams: 12/16 Teams

Torn-Crest_ZGETitle: Mortal Kombat X
Platform: PS4 (Supplied)
Format: 1v1
Dates: 30 May 2015 – Playoffs
Entry Fee: Expo day entry fee
Prize Pool: Products
Min./Max. Players: 64/128 Players

Title: FIFA 15
Platform: Xbox 360 (Supplied)
Format: 1v1
Dates: 31 May 2015 – Playoffs (Double Elimination)
Entry Fee: R100 per player
Confirmed Cash Prize Pool: R7,500
Min./Max. Players: 64/128 Players

logo_smallTitle: Project CARS
Platform: Xbox One (Supplied)
Format: Fastest Lap
Dates: 29-31 May (All Weekend)
Entry Fee: Expo day entry fee
Prize Pool: Products
Min./Max. Players: Unlimited (or as many people as can be manged in a day…)

Additional prizes are being negotiated with a number of potential partners and sponsors. All those details will be revealed as we get confirmation. The per placing prize splits, and additional information per title will be made available with the registrations as they open, starting Monday 4 May.

And there’s more…

On the Friday, we would like to see the community have an opportunity to meet any players who are available, and even have an opportunity to jump into a game with them. Players and teams who are available and at the venue can also scrim and get ready for their matches on the Saturday and Sunday.

Furthering the community and development angle, we will host a FIFA 15 tournament on the Friday for all school-going attendees of EGE. This will include an opportunity to play a match or two in the later rounds on the main stage.

On the Friday (29 May 2015) only, we will also bring out an old gaming chestnut in Guitar Hero. On the main stage we will host a highest score mini-competition for any attendees keen to feel a little like a rock star. This is also a (not so) silent celebration of the recently announced Guitar Hero Live which releases later this year.

Alongside the gaming under our direct control, the Ventus Gaming crew will be hosting a ‘challenge-a-pro’ style event for FIFA 15 on PC at the Frontosa stand. Those that do play (it’s open to anyone attending the expo) will be entered into a lucky draw for something pretty sexy we’d assume.

So, we ask that you support a zombie and their friends today, and be ready for a bigger tomorrow. Or something equally as cheesy as that…

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Why so few PC competitive titles?

  • The cost of the infrastructure and lack of prize pool dictated this. We had to also consider the likelihood of players and teams willing to fly to Cape Town in the first year of the event.

Why no 72-hour casual LAN?

  • Cost of the infrastructure and restrictions by the venue meant allowing attendees to stay overnight was not possible. This will be looked at in future years.

Why must we ‘bring our own’?

  • Unfortunately, we are but zombies (and friends) on a limited budget. To make this happen we decided a bring your own event would ensure enough equipment to operate the various tournaments successfully.

What if not enough players/teams attend?

  • We will be placing a minimum and maximum number requirement for each event, and in the case where the number is less than expected, the tournament will continue, but the expo organisers (Impact Exhibitions) reserve the right to reduce the cash prize pool in those cases.

What if I am underage according to the game rating of the game I want to participate in?

  • We will require your legal guardian to sign a waiver form which can be supplied.

What are the show dates and times?

  • The expo itself will run from 10am to 8pm on Friday 29 May and Saturday 30 May. On Sunday 31 May it will be open 10am to 5pm. The competitive area will have specific times and schedules that will be detailed in the previous registration details.

*FAQ will be updated as more questions are asked… and answered.


If you do feel compelled to make contact with us, we will do our best to answer you. Please be patient as there’s only so many hours in a day and we are also losing our workable limbs…