We’re Four Years Old – Have some stuff on us…

Zombie Party_Header

“Hello! or rather Urrrgghh!” – the first words spoken four years ago from the proud new zombies who had taken over Zombiegamer from the original undead owner of the site.

A literal horde descended on the site with the sort of excitement usually only found at a free all-you-can-eat human buffet.  This horde was around 40 strong and consisted of two Xbox 360 gaming clans – causing a little concern within the PS3 community at the time – OAP and RIP.

However, due to the need to feed (on each other), the horde was decimated until only two were left standing.  Zombie Dredd and r0gue Zombie emerged from the anarchy and continued to throw themselves into delivering gaming news and reviews about all the games you should be playing.  In December 2010 we were rather humbled to be featured as CVG’s Site of the Week, and said back then that we “are working to assist in the industry growing here [SA].”

With that (and never ones to stand still) we decided that a South African gaming site needed to find a way to be just that – a site about gaming in South Africa, and due to a small groundswell of community related events which started in the middle of 2011, focus shifted – or at least expanded – to cover the community, events and competitive gaming on console.  With that, we ensured additions to the site which included an events calendar (covering events around the country), along with articles of upcoming events, reports on completed events, coverage of tournaments, and coverage of industry members, gamers and clans.  All the information easily accessed by clicking on the South African flag on the site.

While we will never claim to be the first with some ideas, we are proud to be able to mention that the have ensured the coverage of over 50 clans since starting our ‘Undead Ed chews the fat…’ feature, and just as many gamers and industry members have been covered.

Still not satisfied, we happily allowed the team from High on Reviews to join our merry horde at the end of 2012.  Zombie of Doom and Zombie Terri became our entertainment and lifestyle gurus, with Zombie Terri being the only actual writer of the bunch.  At the beginning of 2013, ZG Events was quietly started up to start putting our community support into full swing.  That has now essentially become a part of the newly expanded 2upGamers brand, which will allow the zombies to truly help further grow the SA gaming community as promised a few years ago.

We will never claim to be experts in writing, but we believe we are experts in playing games and voicing our opinions.  We’ve have a wonderful four years doing so, and hope we can bring many more to you – and that many more of you will join us in this journey.

Thank you.

The Zombies.

WinWin something for supporting us…

We’re going to try and be a little daring with our give aways this time.  We will be running four (we’re clever like that) at a time using our traditional “email us” option, “comment below” option and the other two will be via our social media – Twitter and Facebook.  So here’s what to do and what you can win.

Email us:

Email us at competitions@zombiegamer.co.za with the subject line: I love zombies, and you will be added to a draw for a hamper which will include: R100 Kalahari.com voucher, a zombie eye (sponsored by Krafts By Witch Knight), an Xbox 360 Gioteck Throat Mic, three Xbox Live Arcade games, and a bundle consisting of two gaming titles…

Comment below:

Be nice.  Be not so nice.  Just say something in the comments below.  For that, we will give one lucky winner a R100 Kalahari.com voucher, three Xbox Live Arcade games, and a bundle consisting of two gaming titles…

**UPDATE** Thanks to the very awesome folk at CheapCodes, we will be adding a R200 voucher to use on their site.  Winner.


We will be running a Twitter competition – strangely something we’ve never attempted before.  So follow us and watch for the #4yearoldzombies hashtag and retweet, and that’s you entered into a draw for a R100 Kalahari.com voucher, three Xbox Live Arcade games, and a bundle consisting of two gaming titles…


Actually another first for us.  Like us, and then like or comment on the picture we will post a little later on our page.  Do that, and we will love you long time, and put you in the draw for a R100 Kalahari.com voucher, a Gioteck ‘Ammoclip’ controller charging station for Xbox 360, three Xbox Live Arcade games, and a bundle consisting of two gaming titles…

For all game bundles, we will be checking your preferred platform if you win to ensure you get for what you play on.

And that’s it.  Four competitions, R400 in Kalahari.com vouchers, and some rather smug zombies.  All competitions will close at 12pm (noon) on Monday 27 May 2013.  Good luck.