Operation Flashpoint: Red River
Man I really hope everyone is going to go see Godzilla this weekend. I know I am…

Kung fu fan? Horror fan? Rigor Mortis is for you then.

What if you take that drug from Limitless and put it inside someone’s stomach… then make an action movie. Lucy is that what if. Looks fun.


I love old people comedy. It gives me hope for when I get old. I wonder if Undead Ed can relate to And So It Goes? [Yes. – Undead Ed]


A nice new extended trailer for Edge of Tomorrow. I am not super hyped for this movie, but definitely want to go see it.


Last but not least, the extended trailer for the new show based on The Flash. It looks really cool and hopefully pleases fans. However, why is his suit maroon? Also Green Arrow makes an appearance! 😀 [Looks better than Arrow… – Undead Ed]