Weekly Doom wants these m’fing zombies off my m’fing ass


22 Bullets is like Taken but in French, with Jean Reno. So AWESOME!

Mr Peabody and Sherman is about a dog and his kid going back in time. Almost like a animated Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure but it looks less excellent.

Captain America: Winter Soldier‘s first trailer was released this week and I for one am ready for more of Cap. Plus Falcon actually looks awesome.


X-men: Days of Future Past finally has a trailer. Man what a cast this movie has.

Is the man who is tall happy? A weird documentary….

You know Planes? That Cars spin-off movie no one watched yet it still made cash. It has a sequel coming called Planes: Fire and Rescue. Remember when these things took five years to make?


The Wolf of War Street trailer number two. Man, Leonardo Di Caprio is looking good in this one. Should be a blast.


More of Dear Mr. Watterson, the Calvin and Hobbes documentary.


47 Ronin also has a new trailer.


As does The Monuments Men.

Now for something completely… Freaky.

Zombie Ass was brought to my attention via Twitter. Yes, it is about a year old but hell, I have never seen it and it is too weird not to share.