Which makes us Filmomaniacs!

By far the best trailer I have seen for a while is this recently released one for Guardians of the Galaxy. MORE CHRIS PRATT PLEASE! That guy is too funny!

This Lego Bloopers Trailer shows that there was a lot of messsing around while making that movie.


A new trailer for Nymphomaniac is out. Don’t worry, we don’t judge.


Locke seems very odd. Very, very odd. It stars Tom Hardy and should be out later this year.

Think Like a Man Too, yes that movie based on a book by Steve Harvey got a sequel… Dredd didn’t though…

Some more Game of Thrones Season 4 goodness. Things are afoot!


From Dusk till Dawn is getting a TV series. Not really sure how that works. It seems a bit Supernatural at some points, but I have no problem with that.

David Morse stars in McCanick, which seems a hell of a lot like Fight Club in some ways.

Finally, BADMAN, the movie is a collective of Pete Holmes and co.’s funny shorts. It is hilarious and everyone should see it at least fifteen times.