Okay, I have a broken hand so typing is hard. Lets get this going. [You really think anybody really cares about you enough to feel sympathy? – Undead Ed]

I am not a 100% sure what The Insider is about. But it seems really interesting.

Anytime a movie has a line like “What do you think will happen if we skip the morning injection” I get very excited. The Giver is one such movie. Also, Jeff Bridges dude!

Some more Amazing Spider-Man 2 hype below. I am waiting for the movie before I look at more of these trailers.


Same with Maleficent. I can’t believe this movie isn’t out yet.

The Hero of Color City seems like it wants to be a Lego Movie type thing. Only I don’t think it is actually connected to the Crayons brand at all. Very weird.


Can you imagine if the world was attacked by a crazy big monster that makes our tallest buildings look like garden gnomes? I think about that all day. So yes, I am stupidly excited about Godzilla. I just don’t think all the American patriotism hyperbole will be pleasant.


Ah, movies based on YA sci-fi novels is a thing now. Not that I am complaining. Why weren’t books this cool when I was young? Who am I kidding, I am still young, and I hate reading. The Maze Runner.

Lastly we say goodbye with this kick ass Sabotage trailer.