Is everyone sad that The Walking Dead is only returning February 2014? Well here is a short promo to cheer you right up, guv’ner.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 teaser trailer is really short… and in Spanish… I think.


The Boxtrolls trailer number two is out and it shows a bit of the behind the scenes. This movie is going to be amazing. When has stop animation not been amazing?


TV show time. Below is a clip from The Arrow in which the show introduces Barry Allen. Barry Allen for those who don’t know is also known as The Flash. A spin-off tv show for The Flash is also in the pipeline which will introduce the superhero part of Barry Allen more. Exciting times for DC fans.


Anyone here use Netflix? Sure it isn’t suppose to be here, but there are ways to get it. Totes legal. Turbo Fast is a Netflix original and the first one aimed at children. It is a spin-off of the Turbo movie and it is being developed by Titmouse. Hehe.. Titmouse… Titmouse also created Metalocalypse so they are able to produce quality television.