Before there was the Justice League, there was WAR!

If that trailer doesn’t give you goosebumps we can’t be friends!

Jackie Chan might not be all that these days but there was a time when he was the best Hong Kong action hero this world has seen. Police Story was one of the reasons people viewed him as such. So having another installment of that series is alright by me!

Some Lego Movie teaser trailers.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in which Smaug shows you their nibbly bits for three whole minutes.

Adventures in the Sin Bin has Bo Burnham teaching boys how to have sex. Hilarity ensues.

The truth about Emanuel trailer below. Not that Emanuel…

I love dragons, you love dragons, everyone loves dragons! The movie Dragon Day has absolutely zero dragons in it. It is about what would happen if China came knocking on America’s door trying to collect its debt and being refused. That and a lot of IT references.

Antboy seems awesome. I wish this was out when I was a kid. Just pure innocent superhero film making at its best.

Betty Page is probably my favourite erotic performers/models/whatever in the world ever. Thing is, I know almost nothing about her. Hopefully the documentary “Betty Page Reveals All” will change that.


OOO Boy!