Right now is the best I have felt all year. How sad is that? Miss me? Yeah YOU DID! [No. We didn’t. – Undead Ed]

Game of Thrones season four is coming…

Say what you want but Expendables 3 knows how to tease!


Hard Rock Yankee Doodle ladies!

What do you get when you take your Kevin Hart with an Ice Cube? You get Ride Along. Which looks Hilarious.

Transendance stars Johnny Depp and is produced by Christopher Nolan, so there shouldn’t be that many mistakes in the usage of IT terms right?

This is how I know Hollywood has run out of ideas for movies. Instead of making movies about sports and the athletes, they are now making movies about the drafts of sport… I don’t know. Draft Day (which is not a Moneyball rip off at all).


I have never seen an episode of Veronica Mars. But it is pretty cool for the fans that the movie is being made.


A few things that appeared late last year, and were missed due to a combination of laziness, and… laziness.

Welcome to Yesterday. Go back, go forward, go back, then back, then forward, then sideways in time.

3 Days to Kill. Kevin Costner returns as a spy. Again. Just like in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

More getting along with your neighbours in this third trailer for Neighbors.

Cheap Thrills. How far would you go for money?

Get ready for a Leonardo DiCaprio overload in this not official Leonardo DiCaprio: The Movie.


We shall just leave this here for you. This is how Chuck Norris outdid Van Damme as 2013 ended…