We re-chew the fat with… F34R [SA Gaming Clan]

CL4NA lot can happen in a year.  The world could be scheduled to end… but it didn’t.  A new console could come out… and it will.  A hero can become a villain   A zombie apocalypse can happen… and we’ve said too much already.

In gaming terms, a year can feel like… a year too.  Clans come and go like the changing of seasons, games are replaced as often as Undead Ed changes underwear (we’ve said too much again), and competitive gamers become yesterday’s news – usually to be replaced by a younger, better looking model.

For today’s clan, the year since we first covered them must feel like a lifetime.  The second clan to feature in our clan profiles one year ago, F34R have had their fair share of both ups and downs.  Somehow they appear to have made it through and some might say that F34R (2.0) is better than ever.  Others may disagree, but heck, we need to have an introduction you know… and we kinda think we’re right.

It’s a year since we first covered F34R.  How you guys doing?

Hi ZOMBIE… long time, no sliquifier… We all good man… Hope the undead life is treating you well though.

A lot has happened in the year.  We’d be wrong not to mention the fallout from the MainGaming tournament.  It must have had a massive effect on the clan.  Now that you guys can look back on it, what impact did it have on the clan?  You almost disintegrated due to it, but you are back – stronger than ever.  What changes were brought about?

Wow, ok let’s settle this… Yeah, it was the worst time to be a member of the F34R CL4N and I can proudly say if we were not the brotherhood we are, F34R would not have been doing an interview let alone be seen online or in fact anywhere.

There was so much confusion in the first 48 hours and we all wanted to go our separate ways. Some of us wanted to get to the bottom of this whole fiasco and sifted through an emailed printout of the Whatsapp groups looking for any reference to the allegations. Eventually on day 3, Swarley found what we were looking for, it exonerated us from this whole misunderstanding. In the end we lost 3 clan members and 0 friends. We are still buds with our old members and will always support them.

We have basically setup our Clan as a Franchise business. CS1977, over looks all facets of the clan and is not involved in any competitive squads as to not have the perception of being biased to any one team.

F34R was at one point in the process of merging with PC clan ASF.  Nothing came of that we assume?  What was the reason for that?

Yes, we were looking at going the whole MGO route until the MGL fallout and have put that on the back burner as we try to get the clan back to where we were regarding being a multiplatform multi genre Clan.

Now that F34R are a fully focused unit again, the clan has started to form new teams.  What are the new teams within the clan?

As we getting back to the eSports “season” we want to get back to what we were last “season”. We will always have 3 competitive CoD squads, Elite, Delta & Prime. We now also have a social squad much like the pub cricket team that plays for beers; we have a pub team playing for us and it’s basically the guys and gals who just want to try competitive – almost like an OAP squad you may say 🙂 .

We have also started the F34R Snipe squad who have already made a massive impact on the clan, as they are hugely talented bunch of players that would be driving the content on the www.youtube.com/user/F34RClanza account. We also have the F34R G34R Racers taking part in the DGL and probably in the GT5 league from leg 2. Last, but not least, the F34R DoJ: they the street fighters and mortal combatants within the clan. They are also the international travellers within our eSports family as they off to an event in the USA midyear.

The structure for managing the teams has been looked at too?  How does each team and team management integrate into the F34R franchise?

Well as mentioned, CS1977 oversees all the squads with each squad captain managing their squad. The call of duty squads: Elite Squad Captain is F34R_J4K3Z, Delta Squad Captain is F34R_N0M4D_007, Prime Squad Captain is F34R_JAS0WN and PuBs is overseen by F34R_CS1977 With regards to the racing team G34R – F34R Bretley is the lead driver. The DOJO squad is run by F34R_Jaggy.

The clan members must have changed a bit too in the last year.  Who all plays under the F34R banner these days?

F34R_J4K3Z (C)

F34R_TsOtSi (VC)

F34R_N0M4D_007 (C)






G34RF34R G34R



You’re currently riding high on the Mweb Black Ops 2 Ladders Tournament.  Is the tournament setup the kind of thing you guys believe is important for growth of console eSports?

The Mweb Ladder system isn’t a tournament per say, it’s more of a gauge – an apparatus teams should use to improve and perfect their competitive side of CoD with a brilliant management system in place to see how you are improving, or see how you have to improve to move up the ladder. Yes, there is a small problem where teams prefer not to play stronger teams to preserve a win loss ratio, but what happens when a fixture based tournament comes around and they forced to play the so called stronger squads? You going to pass? Or either shock them with how well you’ve improved or be shocked at how far you are behind them?

Is there something you would like to see more of in the competitive scene?

RESPECT. Respect towards the people giving us the platforms to play on and then respect to the teams we play against. Without opponents we’ll have to play soggy marie with ourselves? Respect a clan who try to play, respect a clan who can play… RESPECT will only grow our community and make us a force in eSports.

What is still needed for the console scene to grow in regards to eSports, and do you think there has been much growth in the last year or so?

The growth internally has been massive. The amount of clans that are eager to get involved with competitive has had a bit of an increase. The amount of players though has grown massively. Most PS3 clans are able to field 2 squads, some even 3. What we really need now is external growth. Corporate South Africa or at least brand managers and marketing departments should be able to see how lucrative eSports could become in SA. I’m so tired of seeing how PC gets all the kudos for eSport in SA and I’ve even looked into MSSA affiliation, but have a feeling nothing will come of it. Why doesn’t MSSA come and fetch us to join them, why must we run after them, and if I do join why must I pay them, are they not government subsidised?

It’s still tough for (especially) console clans to get sponsorship deals.  Does F34R have any plans to really push themselves and their marketability to appeal to sponsors?

Yes, we are really working on it this year after the let down of 2012. We are now building our brand as a multi console, multi genre clan to make us more marketable. We have been looking at what and how we will add value for our sponsors. First we need to build our infrastructure within the clan to be able to provide our sponsors with the exposure they desire.

What is it that most clans actually expect sponsors these days?  Private jets and limos?

Some clans expect equipment peripherals, travel allowances and so on. What clans should realise that they shouldn’t expect too much from sponsors initially – build a relationship and what you offer them and what they offer you should be of equal value. Be realistic in your demands and use the sponsorship to grow your brand and theirs!

What do you guys think the sponsor expects in return from the clans?  The danger is that many clans can’t stick around or change players too regularly.  Surely that makes any sponsor nervous?

Clans have to prove longevity, we are fortunate that we’ve been around for a good few years (5 years – almost as long as you’ve been a zombie, jeez the smell of zombie dredd… arrghgghg).  A sponsor would probably put a disclaimer in the contract about the timeframe at which the clan has to promote their products and I do hope that clans who do eventually get sponsored, really impress their sponsor. Your sponsorship could influence other companies to also get involved, and create the pay it forward effect, where one day companies will come looking for clans to sponsor.

We assume you’re off to go and dominate someone, somewhere.  Anything you would like to add before you do?

Right now? We want to show you and SA the newly assemble F34R SNiPE Squad. These are a group of immensely talented trick shotters and general bosses with sniper rifles. So without further delay let me introduce you to:



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