Watch Dogs multiplayer includes ‘hacking’ into other’s games


The Ubiblog has previewed some of the multiplayer front experienced in Watch Dogs at E3.

The blog describes how during the player’s game a message pops up to say the protagonist – Aiden – is being hacked. The player can then use their ‘Profiler app’ to search for whoever is installing a virus onto his phone. Players can hacks cameras to scan the area, looking for possible suspects, or flee to a safe area.

The player’s are hacked by other players (online) and the attacker’s objective is to complete the hack before the defender retreats.  When defending players needs to retreat back to a safe area to begin a virus install.

When you enter someone else’s game, you will appear to the other player as “not-Aiden,” so the player can appear to be a NPC character. You will still appear as Aiden on your screen. So to yourself, you will always playing as Aiden, and to those you attack you will appear to be a generic character.

Other details from the UbiBlog include:

  • You can enter someone’s game and simply be a voyeur, or you can grief someone – ram into them with a car when they’re trying to stop a crime, for example. (However, this aspect of multiplayer is disabled during main and side-missions).
  • There are plenty of multiplayer missions in which you’re tasked with protecting another player.
  • You can turn off the multiplayer component if you like, but since it’s already disabled during missions.

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