Warner Bros. possibly working on new AAA Lord of the Rings game


Warner Bros. may have an all-new AAA Lord of the Rings game on the burner.

Superannuation spotted the LinkedIn profile of one Anton Bogaty, a former employee of Monolith Productions/WB Games Seattle. Bogaty says he created storyboards for a new and unannounced Lord of the Rings game in December and January, after MOBA Guardians of Middle-earth had released.

Gamespot report that Monolith Productions posted a job listing in May for a cross-generational AAA action-adventure game, and last week the studio opened a job requisition for a lead mission designer with “open-world mission design” experience.

Gamespot also note that a name for a possible Lord of the Rings game may have already been revealed, as rights holder The Saul Zaentz Company filed a trademark application in May for “Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor,” which covers game software, among other things.

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