This past weekend, 1,024 players across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One started the battle to be named the VS Gaming FIFA eWorld Cup qualifier champions. By the close of play on Sunday 6 May, those two players were 16 year old Thabo Moloi and Shiaan Rugbeer.

For their efforts, each walked off with R400,000 in cash and a spot in the Global Series Playoffs later this year. Thabo Moloi saw off 2017’s VS Gaming eFootball Festival winner Zuhair Ebrahim 4-2 on PlayStation 4, while Shiaan Rugbeer beat Irshaad Mahomed 2-1 on Xbox One. The feat they achieved is not one to scoff at as both platforms had 512 players competing with the exact same goal in mind.

Xbox One
  • First place: Shiaan Rugbeer [R400,000]
  • Second place: Irshaad Mahomed [R150,000]
  • Third place: Abu Akhalwaya [R75,000]
  • Fourth place: Khalid Fakie [R30,000]
Playstation 4
  • First place: Thabo Mike Moloi [R400,000]
  • Second place: Zuhair Ebrahim [R150,000]
  • Third place: Ziyadh Caasim [R75,000]
  • Fourth place: Mohammed Fiaz Mahomed [R30,000]

If you’re keen to catch the videos-on-demand for the two days, you can head here for day one and here for day two.

What the press release (below) doesn’t mention is the wait times some players experienced at the event. Up to 12 hours wait for a first match and a six hour delay was mentioned. VS Gaming also spent more time promoting the various acts performing than the players participating. With over 1,024 players, there must have been something to talk about? Right? I might have a lot personally invested in the FIFA community but no-one can deny that it seems a little disappointing that the first results mentioned on social media were basically to announce the winners.

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VS Gaming crowns eWorld Cup qualifier winners 

Monday, 07 May 2018, After a successful two days, last night VS Gaming crowned the winners of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 EA SPORTS FIFA tournament. The VS Gaming Cup, held on 05 and 06 May, saw 1,024 players compete to win the right to contest the FIFA eWorld Cup playoffs later this year.

After two grand finals, Shiaan Rubeer and 16 year old Thabo Moloi were victorious on Xbox One and Playstation 4 respectively. Each player won R400,000 as the first prize on each platform.

Wanda Mkhize, spokesperson for VS Gaming said, “This was an historic moment for efootball in South Africa. Through this tournament South African players have now been given the international spotlight that they deserve. This is what it means for VS Gaming – to open new doors of possibility for our players and thereby grow our communities.”

VS Gaming was given the rights to host a FIFA eWorld Cup Qualifier in March after signing an agreement with EA Sports.

“We are proud of what we have been able to achieve this weekend. Over a thousand players competed to take on the worlds best and two of our South Africans will be able to compete on the world stage as a result. We are excited to see what the future holds for this sector,” says Mkhize.

The top four players across each platform were:

Xbox One

First place:          Shiaan Rugbeer

Second place:    Irshaad Mahomed

Third place:         Abu Akhalwaya

Fourth place:      Khalid Fakie

Playstation 4

First place:          Thabo Mike Moloi

Second place:    Zuhair Ebrahim

Third place:         Ziyadh Caasim

Fourth place:      Mohammed Fiaz Mahomed

About the VS Gaming Cup

  • 1,024 players took part in the tournament
  • There were 512 players on Xbox One
  • There were 512 players on Playstation 4
  • The total prize pool for this year is over R1,5 million with the winner on each platform receiving R400, 000. The breakdown is as follows:
1st Place 1st Place R400 000 R800 000
2nd Place 2nd Place R150 000 R300 000
3rd Place 3rd Place R75 000 R150 000
4st Place 4st Place R30 000 R60 000
5th–8th Place 5th–8th Place R15 000 R120 000
9th–16th Place 9th–16th Place R5 000 R80 000
    R755 000 R1 510 000

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