The VS Gaming Community Shield 2 for DotA2 is currently underway (19 June – 9 July), with Round 2 fixtures taking place last night. The Community Shield is the Wildcard culmination of the series of open qualifier tournaments that took place last month and earlier this month (Amber & Ruby streams). The top two finishing teams in the Community Shield advance to the VS Gaming Masters LAN Finals held from the 28 – 30 July, which we’ve heard is going to probably take place at the Electronic and Gaming Expo (EGE) in Cape Town. The dates also align nicely, but neither party has confirmed the rumour as of yet. So don’t go booking any flights yet.

VS Gaming Community Shield 2 | Round 1 and 2 Results

Round 1 took place on the 19th of June. With just 11 teams taking part in the Community Shield, there were 5 bye seeds. Thus many of the teams didn’t actually play in Round 1, automatically qualifying for Round 2. The only results were:

  • Bravado Gaming 2 – 1 Sinister5
  • DUC 2 – 1 Hive Gaming
  • LP Goon Squad 2 – 0 Team Unknown

Round 2 (26 June) results:

  • DUC 1 – 0 Veneration Esports (forfeit)
  • Aperture Gaming Academy 2 – 0 Mythic Gaming
  • Ventus 2 – 1 LP Goon Squad
  • Bravado Gaming 2 – 0 Damage Control

Last night Aperture Gaming Academy (ApG.A) won their first game against Mythic Gaming (mG), where the latter team looked to be really struggling. In particular, the mG supports looked ineffective and indecisive. In contrast, ApG.A had better early and mid game support movements that consistently shut down the mG cores. In particular, PreciousPetunia was afforded little to no space. It is important to mention that mG are currently using three subs, with only two of the original core players from the last Community Shield currently active. There was no Game 2 in the series, as mG forfeited that fixture. We’ve also heard they’ll be forfeiting the rest of the Community Shield as well, to focus on their roster issues.

Elsewhere, Bravado Gaming (bvd) continued their run of dominance. They smashed Damage Control (DC) 2 – 0, which was, frankly, to be expected. Veneration Esports (VNR) have forfeited their series against DUC, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, as most of their team recently left to join Goliath Gaming. Ventus, the third and final VS Gaming Masters team competing in the Community Shield, just edged out LP Goon Squad in a close 2 – 1 series win.

VS Gaming Community Shield 2 | Round 3 Fixtures

Tonight Round 3 takes place. These are the lower bracket fixtures between:

  • Damage Control vs Hive Gaming
  • Team Unknown vs Mythic Gaming
  • Sinister5 vs Veneration Esports

The only match I expect to take place tonight is DC up against Hive Gaming. Team Unknown and Sinister5  (Sin5) should both get free passes to the next round as mG and VNR will likely both forfeit. The dates for the rest of the rounds are as follows:

  • Round 4 Wednesday 28th June 20h00
  • Round 5 Thursday 29th June 20h00
  • Round 6 Sunday 2nd July 20h00

VS Gaming Community Shield 2 | Predictions

I think it’s pretty reasonable to predict that bvd and Sin5 will take the top two spots in this Wildcard qualifier, especially considering the turn in mGs recent fortunes. Sin5 should be able to brush aside all lower bracket contenders now with relative ease, unless they completely throw a series somewhere. In turn, bvd now face no real challengers in the upper bracket and should easily secure a spot. While Sin5 did almost take the series against them in Round 1, bvd are still looking slightly more confident at the moment after picking up Filthy Frank from Energy eSports/Aperture Gaming.

Bvd are currently using Filthy Frank in the mid position at times, until they pick up their new mid. Rumour has it (from a few sources in the scene) that that mid is Depi, who is currently out of favour at xTc Gaming. Depi is well known for his skill in the mid lane, but that comes at the cost of his inability to work with teammates and his notorious raging at teammates in game. It’ll be interesting to see when and if bvd do pick Depi up, and how he fares in that team if the rumours are true.

Regardless of these player movements, we have little doubt bvd and Sin5 will be your VS Gaming Community Shield 2 Wildcard qualifiers for the Masters LAN Finals taking place at the end of July. We recently covered Sin5 in an interview with the management from the MGO, who revealed just how much they’re putting into the local scene to garner success. If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend you read that article here.