Voice of Doom: Too many games, too little sick leave

Jeez.  Some people are never happy.  “I have nothing to play.”  “I have nothing good to play.”  Oh, I’m sure you’re all agreeing and sympathising with him over his little problem this time.  But please don’t encourage him any more than is needed.

Too many games, too little sick leave

I am, for lack of a better description, a privileged lower middle class gamer. This might not make perfect sense. I mean, I have problems like all the rest of the people. I have rent to pay, cats to feed and credit card debt to maintain. I like to go on and on about how I am broke and can’t really do much social activities these days but I am gearing up for Linkin Park tomorrow and at home I have about 10 – 15 games that I have only spent about 4 hours on.

The latter is a subject of concern to me. You see, I love gaming. Ever since I was a wee boy and Mario exposed me to world of taking mushrooms and eating fire flowers (woah that explains a lot). Growing up though there was rule in my house. One game, a year. Yes, you heard right. I only got one game a year.  At first this made me a frowny little shit. But as time went on I became used to this. I adapted, like batman in the wild. I played a game to death and even though I might have never gotten past the first two stages of Ghost and Goblins, I still knew those stages like the back of my hand.

Fast forward to the present. I am 28, married with two cats and I have decent job. With no parental units to guide me, I have changed from buying one game a year, to buying one every other month almost. I have no idea how I do this since I am cheap and I feel games are a bit overpriced (with the price going up soon too by the way). Add to this that I have won the odd game here and there it has left me with a backlog of games that I am trying my hardest to get through. I play a game, get a new one, then play that one instead. These aren’t silly little games either. I have played about 30 minutes of the Mass Effect 3. I still don’t know if Max Payne rescues the girl and kills all the people and what was spider-man’s mission again? Somewhere in me is a ten year old me going “Yeah, you get to touch boobs, but why aren’t you playing all these cool GAMES?”

So I have created a list, my gaming list and slowly but surely I am working my way through it. Granted I still haven’t finished any game since I started my list but hey, it is a start right? Now all I need to do is fight every urge to not put Halo 4 on that list…

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