Voice of Doom: The Great Review

Had no idea what to put here, so i went with explosions…

I hate tennis. Can’t stand watching it when it is on the telly. People seem to love it though. I have no idea why. Two people hitting a ball back and forth and this keeps people at the edge of their seat? I have my theories though. I think tennis fans are all just faking in a way to punk me. I won’t fall for it though. Whenever someone tells me about the awesome game last they saw and how good someone is, I just nod and smile while thinking, I am on to you sir!

I love playing tennis. I played it in primary school and it was one of the few sports I liked to play. I am not good or anything but it is a fun way to exercise and unwind a bit. Plus it is really easy. Two rackets, a ball and a willing partner and you have yourself a good time. Hell you just need a good sturdy wall sometimes.

You can basically look at those two paragraphs and replace tennis with reviews. Well, you would need some imagination as well. See, reviews of games, movies and books have all become this big thing since the Internet took off. I can’t remember a time before the Internet so that is what I am sticking with. I am not sure if it is the fact that I am not a fan of reading, I just always seem to find reviews long winded and filled with unnecessary bits of information. There are about one or two reviewers in the world whose opinions I like but mostly, I skim over them. I can’t remember the last time I have read two or three paragraphs into a review and just thought to myself, why am I still reading this?

Weird right? There is a big review button at the top of this page. Hell I have even written one or two of those long winded reviews out there in the world. Why? I enjoy doing them. Sure I can tell you in 50 words or less if a game was good or not, which I do in the closing paragraphs, but no one will be happy with that. See, I think people actually like reviews. I don’t get it. The only possible explanation is that the whole world is trying to punk me. But I am on to you world… I have your number.