Voice of Doom: The anticipation is killing me

Our now regular new zombie gets himself going and uses a “grown up word”.  Not safe for kids… who shouldn’t be reading about age restricted games anyway.

My feet are itchy. Not sure if something bit me. I have this constant feeling that I might have an aneurism at anytime as well. There is also this pain in my side at my right kidney which is giving me flashbacks of kidney stones. I have been to the doctor. She took some blood and the tests say I am fine. Apparently I have the kidney function of an eighteen year old. Which eighteen year old, I don’t know. I hope he is good at sport and stuff. I sure am not.

So if I am perfectly healthy why do I have all these issues? Surely they can’t all be in my mind? I have a suspicion however, and if my years and years of experience in not studying anything backs my theory up. Far Cry 3 is to blame. Or at least, the hype is. This all started for me when I saw the first Far Cry 3 trailer. You know the one where the one dude is having fun times on the island and then two minutes later he witnesses his friend getting intimate with a bullet to the head? After I watched that clip I was bouncing of the walls. I showed my wife. I tweeted about it. Hell, I might have even logged into Facebook to share the clip. Needless to say I was excited.

Fast forward 15 months later (Citation needed) and that excitement has somehow internalized itself and is causing a blood clot in my brain now. Sure there is absolutely no medical proof but that is for people who believe in science and fact. In the course of the last few months I have gone from wanting this game badly, to really wanting it badly after trying it at r.A.g.e. to kind of thinking about getting the game in a bargain bin someday.

Which brings me to my point? Are months and months of hype really necessary? I know we, as gamers, want to know everything about a game but sometimes it feels like I have played the game already by the time it comes to release. To be honest, most of the games I have ever preordered are games I only found out about a week or two before release. These months of hype machines is like getting a very slow blowjob. At the beginning you are all excited and happy. Then after a while you just want it to finish already and the awkward phase over with. You know what awkward phase I am talking about!

Now, if you would excuse me, I need to go read about GTA V. I am so excited about this game!

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