Voice of Doom: SIX 2013


Ah yes… tattoos. I have spoken of this art form in the past and well, time to speak about it some more. A few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending the Southern Ink Xposure Tattoo Convention held in Cape Town and here is what I saw.

IMG_2414First off, the Tattoo convention was held at a new venue. The Cape Town City Hall had loads of parking to offer as well as some history behind it. It has a very rustic feel to it inside and out. The convention itself was split up in different rooms. Each room would have its own tattoo artists and some vendors. Cape Town’s best tattoo artists had stands all over with some artists from across the country joining in and rubbing shoulders with a few international guys. So any person that was there for a tattoo would have been spoiled for choice as to who to get their ink from. The convention got a bit packed at some points though making it hard to move around but once you got to know the layout it was easy to navigate the circumvent the narrow paths.

Since I was a between credit cards however all I could do was look. I have one tattoo and it took about 30 minutes to get. There were people getting tattooed for more than six hours at a time. I can’t imagine the type of Zen mode your mind goes into while having small needles pierce your skin over and over again. You would think these would only be the toughest of guys but that would be a very small minded sexist view. I saw one girl getting a tattoo while reading her book. I can’t even concentrate on reading a book while trying not to fall asleep.

IMG_2538If getting tattoos was not your think you could walk around and view the artist’s art. Tattoos are an art form after all, and can be appreciated by just watching as well. Going hand in hand with Tattoos is piercings and there were a couple of vendors that allowed you to get pierced or buy some new piercings if you needed. Speaking of vendors, there were some crazy things on sale. From alternative cushions to animal carcasses.  There was also a gaming corner that was run by the Undead Ed himself for anyone looking to play some Fifa 13 while their wife was getting a tattoo. I don’t like to brag (I love it) but I was particularly good at the Dance Central game there and pulled a big crowd staring in awe at my flawless dance moves.

IMG_2448The event was well catered for as well. There were two bars at each end but the one was closed for most of the time I was there. The coffee stand made up for this though with some of the best cappuccinos I have had in ages. The main bar was always busy but I never struggled to get a drink. At the main bar there was also entertainment on offer on a small stage throughout the day. This was in the form of some bands playing as well as Burlesque dancers that made me wish the barman would take a little longer with that order.

To end of each day, a music gig was planned at the venue with various acts in all sorts of music from Rockabilly to Hip Hop. This alone would be worth the price of admission and was free to day entries and weekend goers. What was great to see though is that this was at the same venue and not at a secondary venue as with previous years, making it far easier to enjoy the event as a whole

All in all Southern Ink Xposure was a great weekend filled with lots of fun and loads to see. It was a big step up from previous years and here is hoping that next year is an even bigger and better event.






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