Voice of Doom: No More!


I have played Max Payne 3 and I felt awesome popping back pills and shooting people that are clearly more trained than me in the face. I have ran the streets of Hong Kong beating up gangsters and unloading clips of automatic rounds at their cars leaving them in a fire ball. I have sneaked through the jungle of Far Cry 3 and planted arrows into an unsuspecting pirate’s skull.

Somewhere between unsuspecting pirate 195 and 196 I started feeling a bit odd. But I ignored this and stomached through that great game* until I came to the end of it. I switched off my console and I haven’t turned her on since. It has been over a week now and I started to get worried. What is wrong with me? I have so many games I need to still play and finish. Why am I not even trying to play any of them?

I did some soul searching for a few days. I travelled to the mountains of Kenya and sipped goats milk with Buddhist monks in Spain. In my journey I realized two things. I have a really good travel agent and I am a bit over violent video games.

Please don’t get me wrong here. I love violent video games. My favourite game of all time is one of the most violents, Grand Theft Auto. I love explosions and ak47’s as much as the next guy. I just think I have had my fill of them for the time being. I then went and looked through my game library and came to a shocking conclusion. All of them are violent in one way or another. I have zero games where the goal isn’t to tear the other person apart. I worried about my mental state for five seconds and then remember my gaming days of years passed. I used to own a Madden game and I would play it whenever I just felt like something easy going. I know what you might say, NFL isn’t really a game about pillow fights and marshmallows** but the goal of the game isn’t really to hurt your opponent. It is to get the ball to the end zone. I even confirmed this with a friend who said that is why he loves his FIFA games.

I am not sure where in the last few years I lost my way but I am now on a quest to find a good Madden game and get back on track. Now, there is still only four downs right?

*Seriously, you need to get this game!
**Sounds like a fun game though, I am willing to sell the rights to the idea.