Voice of Doom: I like my fighting with a side of story


So after some time off due to personal issues I am back. Did you miss me? Do you even know who I am? It is okay; sometimes I am not even sure who I am. I have not completely negated the theory that I am just a voice in my own head. I sometimes wish that voice would do its own writing, because damn it I am lazy.

You know who else is lazy? Fighting game creators. Sure my years and years… AND YEARS of gaming experience means that I don’t know the first thing about game development, but I have never let a lack of knowledge stop me from talking about a subject before and I do not intend to start now.

So why do I think fighting game creators are lazy? The answer is easy, lack of a decent story line. Hell, you can even take out decent part from that sentence. Lack of any kind of storyline. Let me throw an example at you. I recently bought Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at an online sale and I popped it in to my trusty console and got ready to do some character unlocking and fighting through the single player since all my friends were busy with other games.

To my disappointment, I was greeted with an arcade feature which had all the characters already unlocked and a silly nonsense endgame video which had absolutely nothing to do with the series. Sure I know Tekken Tag Tournament was non canon but I at least hoped for some drama. Some kind of interesting story telling. I know fighting games are really just played for one reason – to fight against friends and beat them. I also know that fighting games get even more hectic when you start going into the competitive area where it is all about juggling combos and fight animations. However, I am one of those few creatures that love fighting games because of the display of martial arts and the story behind why each character is so good at their respective discipline. Also… to beat up my friends and do Victory dances!

The last game I thought they got the story telling in a fighting game right was when Mortal Kombat got rebooted. It told the whole story of the universe and changed the main character at certain points to make the story more inclusive. As I played that game I thought this was the revolution of the fighting game. Surely Mortal Kombat has now set the bar for all others to meet? Then I got Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and it was like they weren’t even aiming up in that area.

In the same sale I mentioned above, I managed to get my hands on Soul Caliber 5, so I have some hope left in me that at least that won’t disappoint. Plus there is always the upcoming Injustice which I am sure must have some kind of story line to it from what I have seen in the trailers and teasers. So all hope is not lost at least.

For now though, I really need to practice that 10 hit juggling combo of Devil Jin though… My poor fingers.