Voice of Doom: Hahaha look at the gheymers

Did you miss the slightly deranged Zombie of Doom’s regular column last week?  Neither did we, but the poor chap had a valid excuse.  He went for a lobotomy, but claims it was just a nose job.  Either way, we’re not all that convinced it’s made him any smarter or any more attractive.

I had a hard life growing. Being a fat kid in high school is not all fun and Steers burgers. There are people out there that get their kicks out of making fun of people. I really don’t mind it all that much. Who hasn’t made fun of someone for being different? Really? Not even gingers? Yeah, I thought so.

Hell, in my friend circle we make fun of each other all the time. One guy is short so we make fun of his lack of tallness. Actually we only pick on him. He can’t fight back because he can’t reach. On second thought, maybe we are just assholes?

So, a few months back I was at rAge for the first time. I worked at one of the stands and I basically just stood in one place and worked on my skill of people watching. I saw a lot. Some awesome cosplay, some not so awesome cosplay. People in all shapes and sizes. I was happy. The gaming world seemed broad and was no longer something people spoke of in hushed tones. Then I saw some people with cameras. You know the big type of cameras reporters use to go out into the field and report on what is happening? This was all so exciting to me. Mainstream media is talking about gaming finally. Good for them.

However, this seemed to not be the case. You see, somewhere reporting on rAge to some of these presenters meant a chance for them to make jokes at some gamer’s expense. See, these reporters weren’t gamers themselves probably so they didn’t really understand what rAge is all about. So instead of learning about the culture and reporting on it in a unbiased way, they decided that they are still in high school and mocked the gamers. You – reporter from a channel I shall not nam(E) – put his crosshair on a kid that has been playing a Sims game that was setup on a pc. He would ask him some question, then the kid would reply and the reporter would make some off the cuff remark into the camera behind the kids back. I could see he was having a blast from his facial expression. It seemed like he had to do everything in his power to not just stand there and point and laugh. I had to do everything in my power not to break his fingers. I was, after all, there in a “professional” capacity.

Sadly he wasn’t the only one. I was saddened to see that this was still happening. I thought the days of people making fun of gamers were long passed. That might have been my own ignorance on the fact. The more gamers I meet, the more I realise that gaming has become such a cross spectrum form of entertainment that there is almost no one group of people who doesn’t have a few gamers amongst them. You wouldn’t make fun of someone for not watching movies? No-one says people who enjoy cooking will never get laid right? Are we still living in a world where people see gamers as a bunch of nerds with zero social skills to be able to survive in the big bad world? If you are I have news for you, you are in for one hell of a shock.

We are amongst you, we see you, and we will destroy you! I mean, we have crazy hand eye co-ordination… Crazy…

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