Voice of Doom: Gimme Gimme Gimme

We’re quite excited actually.  Other people want to write for us.  Slightly opinionated people, but we’re quite happy with that.  So in a new, regular (if they remember to take their bran) column we will be showcasing their opinions.  And disavowing any association with them if the reader’s get upset.  And then feeding them to the zombies we keep starved in the basement.  We’ll of course pat ourselves on the back and pretend to be best buddies if you actually like what they have to say.  Feel free to comment so we know which action to take.  So without any more fluff, let’s kick off the ‘Voice of Doom’.  Oooh.  Menacing…

Gimme Gimme Gimme

We were all young once. I mean like really young. Those pre-teen awkward years when all you did was homework (yeah right) and play games. Girls (or boys if you will) were weird and sleepovers were all the rage. We would game till the early hours, swap games at school and show each other how awesome were are at a fighting/driving/sport game. Those were the good days.

What I personally don’t remember though was the entitlement. Let me explain. Recently, I was at the biggest gaming expo in South Africa, namely rAge. All of the big names in gaming distribution had a stand and there was lots to see. I had the opportunity to work at one of these stands. There I was happily standing in my branded shirt talking about games and resetting PlayStations all weekend long when all of a sudden a little kid comes up to me asking “Can I get a t-shirt?” My first response was “Hey?” “Free t-shirt? Are you guys giving them out?” My brain took longer than usual to process that what was happening in front of me was actually happening. I shrugged and prayed that the kid would go away. He didn’t… ever.

It might just be me, but I have never in my life had the nads to go up to someone and ask them for free stuff. Even now as an adult I feel really awkward when I do get something for nothing, which I do from time to time, but I never ask for them. What kind of mentality do you have if you can expect – nay demand – free stuff from a brand? rAge isn’t about free stuff, kids. Firstly, do you have any idea how lucky you are to be at rAge? You get to play some games way before release already, plus a wide variety of other bonuses. The weekend continued like that and I wish I could say that it was only one kid who kept coming back asking for free stuff, but it wasn’t. There was an array of entitled little shits who felt that they deserved something for nothing because… well, really I do not know why. It was mostly awkward and I kept wondering what type of adults these kids will grow into.

I was also thinking about what a cynical old bastard I have become. But that is a story for another time.

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