Voice of Doom: Don’t be a lazy gamer

I am lazy. It really should go without saying but I will say it anyway. I would much rather lay on my couch than go out to a social gathering of sorts. Seeing people is effort. Sometimes I look at the bread and I just don’t eat it because it will take too long to toast it. I once didn’t play my Xbox 360 for three weeks because it was nowhere near the couch. I wish Smartglass could switch on my Xbox. But hey, I digress.

When I finally did get to switch my Xbox on over this weekend I saw something that made me really excited! I saw there was DLC for Most Wanted. What extra cars could they have for us already I wondered as I navigated to the details part. There I was greeted by a level of stupidity which took me a few minutes to process. The DLC was named ‘Time Saver’ and to make a long story short, it unlocked and upgraded all the cars for you. I threw my controller down in disgust and went outside to scream at the world. I contemplated selling all my belongings and moving to a self sufficient hippie colony where free love and community reign supreme (Granted, I contemplate this daily, especially the free love part. Hmmm). I need someone to explain to me why you would pay R500 for a game and then pay more money to open up everything in that game for you? Why are you buying the game in the first place? Remember the old days where we could put in cheat codes and they were free?

I knew a few years ago there was an uproar that some people sold World of Warcraft characters that were already leveled to the max. People actually paid money for that. You could argue though in World of Warcraft you pay a monthly subscription which means you want to get to the top as fast as possible. But I will still call you silly.

After my rage subsided and my wife allowed me into the house again, I continued browsing through Xbox Live to see what cool deals there were. I came across some DLC for Sleeping Dogs. Two of which drew my attention. One was a money DLC that placed envelopes in the game for you to collect. The envelopes contained money so it was basically a way for you to boost you income in the game. The other instantly increased your cred with the various mob factions as well as the police. At this point I had to remember my yoga training and reach my centre of peace and wellbeing. Our gaming world is changing in front of our eyes, and not always for the better.

However, I might need to ask for my yoga money back…

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