The shark represents my lung capacity
The shark represents my lung capacity

When I was 15, I was travelling with my brother in his truck. He was training to become a world javelin champion and we always seemed to live between towns. We journeyed the whole of South Africa doing odd jobs and helping recently widowed women to run their farm. It wasn’t the most luxurious life but we lived it. One day men from the government came to our truck as we were parked outside Beaufort West. We weren’t really bothering anyone but they didn’t want to listen. They made up some BS charge about a screwdriver being the wrong angle and took my brother and his truck away. That was the last day I never saw my brother. I vowed on that day that I will have my revenge. The government will go down and Anarchy will reign supreme. I got the Anarchy symbol tattooed on my left wrist to remind me of that fact daily.

Well at least, I think that is what people want to hear when they ask me why I got my tattoo. In recent years there has been a lot of TV shows that end in the word Ink and all the people on those shows have some epic back story of how they through a ring into a volcano and they are getting the butterfly tattoo on their lower back to remind them of this.

So let me share with you the real reason I got my tattoo. See, I love tattoos on people. I think they look great. A person of the female denomination with tattoos all over her body is something I find beautiful. Men with tattoos just look bad ass. Like shaving your head and riding a bike. I just find them to be cool. So when a friend tweeted that there is a Tattoo-a-thon coming up where the money raised goes to CANSA I jumped at the chance. Charity and a Tattoo in one go. I am all about being proficient.

Now I am not saying I just chose the Anarchy symbol because I think it looks bad ass. I actually love the idea of anarchy. Whether it is a better system than Democracy is debatable however and I will leave such talk to people who are a lot smarter than me. Also though, I think it just looks cool. Whether you think so or not is your problem. But stop asking me what it means please. It doesn’t mean anything. It is just there. Soon I will get more in the surrounding area which will add to the awesome. Yes it all might look lame when I am 60 but who cares what you look like when you are 60?

I am also not saying that other people shouldn’t have a great and inspiring tale about why they got a particular tattoo. But people need to stop thinking that every tattoo has one. I don’t wear my soul on my sleeve. An Ex once told me that I am as deep as a puddle. Her name started with an A, and that is what I have on my arm… Oh my god!