Voice of Doom: 2012 in Review

2012 In Review

If you are reading this you made it. You survived the festive season. Hopefully mentally as well as physically. Now some people out there might not understand the silly number we give years. Why does 2012 become 2013 on the 1st of January and why is everyone happy about it? Those people probably don’t get a lot of things in life though.
I for one love the fact that we group years as a collective of 365 days. It makes it easier for my simple mind to reflect on things. So in the spirit of reflection I am going to talk about my favourite parts of the year 2012.

Best Movie Experience of 2012

Let me guess… you are thinking The Dark Knight Rises. Sure, saying that my favourite movie for 2012 must be a Batman movie just means you know me for longer than five minutes. I love the bat. I loved the bat so much I have seen Batman and Robin three times. THREE! That is love right there. However though, you would be wrong. My favourite movie for 2012 was none other than Dredd 3D. I include the 3D part there since it was one of the few movies I have ever seen where the 3D actually made the movie that much better. The slo-mo scenes were some of the best I have ever seen. It is also easily my favourite comic book movie to date. I sat in that theatre silent as a Charlie Chaplin flick with my mouth wide open. Easily the best 95 minutes of my movie watching 2012.

Best Music Experience of 2012

My wife dropped me at this event with two other women. That was just the beginning of the epic concert that followed. Inside the Cape Town Stadium I met up with some friends after a beer run. The wind almost blew me away but that didn’t stop me on my quest to have a good time. I danced and cheered. I swooped in and stopped a fight before it even happened. In a crowd of thousands of people I ran into Zombie Dredd, my brother in law and Siv Ngesi. Laughs were had and hugs were shared. Oh, and Linkin Park was also there.

Best Gaming Experience of 2012

If you had to choose one game to take with you on a desert island, which will it be? I am not the biggest fan of that question. See, my brain is thinking, how will I play this game? Do I get electricity and a console? What TV will I be playing on? It just raises too many questions. After I got some chamomile tea in me (it is good for anxiety BTW, drink it before bed time) and calmed down, I sat down and thought about it. The answer was easy. Trials Evolution. For some reason this gem of a game was highly overlooked this year. That great big game advertisement show called, The Video Game Awards had zero mention of it. I hardly even saw it in anyone’s top ten list. It was Journey this and The Walking Dead that. Did people simply forget how much fun they had face planting back in April when this game came out? I for one did not and I wouldn’t be surprised if my stats showed that Trials Evo is the game I spent most of my gaming time on in 2012. It also probably took five years of my life span due to the frustration and stress it brought me. It was all worth it though. Every single broken controller.

2012 entertained me fully, so here is hoping 2013 rises to the bar set by 2012.

Here is a sneak preview of 2013 in review. GTA V wins everything. Even a Razzie award, it is that good.