ViNCO Gaming have announced that they have parted ways with their entire Call of Duty Black team.

The announcement came within 24 hours of the team being accused of cheating in their Telkom DGL match against Energy eSports.

The ViNCO Black team was accused of falsely fielding a player under the name of a registered DGL player – presumably to ensure the match would not be forfeited or lost. Once the act was uncovered, it caused a social media call for the ViNCO team to be banned from DGL.

I reached out to ViNCO’s Clint ‘CS1977’ Smith for clarity on what transpired. According to the ViNCO boss, ViNCO had been informed on Friday (17 March) by ‘Keres’ that he would be joining ViNCO as a replacement to ‘eclipz’ with the replacement and registration scheduled for Monday (20 March) and the third week of DGL. However, “when the eN game kicked off [on Sunday 19 March] at 8pm, Kyle was given ‘eclipz’ details and played in the match under eclipz name. This is called smurfing.”

The registered Black team for the DGL Premier League match against Energy was Dale ‘twist’, Vernon ‘eclipz’, Sheldon ‘saints’ and Ryan ‘waffle’.

Clint goes on to explain that:

“Keres was a Ventus registered player at the time he played and he actually left before Ventus were due to play their match and forced them to play 3v4. Then after the match Keres engaged with eN players about the match and the eN players realised he knew a bit too much about what happened in game. They also figured out that eclipz who always used another rig was using active camo which Keres always used and which Dale would use for Vinco. This is when they probed and eventually the story sort of revealed itself on Twitter.

“Myself and Swarley had been consulting most the day once this news broke and we immediately said if there is any truth in this we are dropping that squad entirely as we have a responsibly to codza and our partners. When we were confident we had enough facts we informed the team of our process and subsequently forfeited the DGL match they were due to play Monday night and removed the players from our DGL squad.”

Both ViNCO Gaming bosses – Clint and Brandon ‘Swarley’ De Pontes – were swift and decisive in their response. In a joint statement, they said that they “condemn and do not condone what was done,” and that “with immediate effect we are dropping the entire ViNCO Black Squad.”

The two owners have a rich and long history in the local Call of Duty scene and are highly respected, having been part of the successful F34R team in the formative years of the local competitive scene. Their response sends a clear message to the South African competitive Call of Duty community that the time to behave in a professional manner that does not bring the local scene into disrepute is upon us.


To each and everyone in CODZA Clint and Swarley would like to apologize for the actions of Dale (Twist) and his team (ViNCO Black).

We have been in counsel the entire afternoon to decide on the allegations put forward and we condemn and do not condone what was done.

With immediate effect we are dropping the entire ViNCO Black Squad (The 4 that played and the one who didn’t)

We will continue forward with just the Over 18 squad in the future.

With that being said we as ViNCO Gaming apologize profusely for what has occurred on our watch and we leave you with this.

“The persecution of the whole because of the sins of the few leaves an unjust bitter taste”