This week I have to say I’m pretty excited.  Yeah, we got a montage video and it’s not a Call of Duty montage!  Hell has frozen over.  Clearly.

Sheraaz from clan FiB has sent through a great Battlefield 3 montage, while our regular contributor Craig has joined in with another quality MW3 montage.  Now go and be good supporters of SA gaming and subscribe to their channels.

Don’t be embarrassed to send us a simple ten second recording of you simply scoring a goal in FIFA.  Or taking a corner on two wheels in Forza.  Or enjoying a particularly satisfying fatality in Mortal Kombat.  Anything goes, we don’t just want Call of Duty or Battlefield footage.  Any gameplay footage is welcome.  The only prerequisite is adding some Ozone Energy Drink branding somewhere to qualify.  For what you ask?  To win a prize for Video Montage of the Month.

Please note that only Ozone Energy Drink South Africa branding from their site can be used, or if you need some images, drop us an email on and we’ll help you out.