Valve’s Next-Gen ‘Source 2’ Engine Files Spotted

Some file names and icons for Valve’s unannounced next-generation game engine – Source 2 – were reportedly discovered by ValveTime in Source Filmmaker, the new movie-making program.

Valve recently unveiled ‘Source Filmmaker’ which was created to allow the Valve community to create their own movies in Team Fortress 2 and in their own Source SDK-created mods.

Over 60 references to the new engine were discovered by ValveTime who describe the news as possibly the “biggest news” the site has ever reported.

There are reported references to Source, Hybrid, and Source 2 in this file, and the website speculates that Hybrid is the base for which Source 2 is sitting on.

GameInformer note that there is also one possible reference to Half Life 2: Episode 3:


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