Valve warns some ‘Early Access’ games may never be finished


Steam users should note that Valve has altered the FAQs relating to ‘Early Access’ titles, warning that some developers may never actually complete their games, in case you didn’t fully understand.

GamesIndustry cite VentureBeat who spotted the FAQ changes. The FAQ section in question previously answered the question: “When will these games release?” by basically saying it would be up to the developer. It may have been assumed that a final version of the game would one day exist.

“It’s up to the developer to determine when they are ready to ‘release’. Some developers have a concrete deadline in mind, while others will get a better sense as the development of the game progresses.

“You should be aware that some teams will be unable to ‘finish’ their game,” the section read.

Valve has now altered the statement, adding a new caveat to be more definitive:

“You should be aware that some teams will be unable to ‘finish’ their game. So you should only buy an Early Access game if you are excited about playing it in its current state,” the section on the FAQ’s now reads.

GamesIndustry explain that while some might have understood the point of ‘Early Access’, it may also have been construed that users were buying a game that will eventually be released.

Valve’s Doug Lombardi issued the following statement about the changes:

“The changes to the FAQ are intended to help set customer expectations of what may or may not happen over the course of development of an Early Access game. We frequently iterate on Steam features as we gather feedback and find areas for improvement.

“In this case, it became apparent that further clarification would help customers evaluate their potential purchase of Early Access titles. We think of Steam, Early Access, and game development as services that grow and evolve best with the involvement of customers and the community.”

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