Used-Games Causing More Damage Than You Might Think

GamesIndustry International writer and Industry veteran, Richard Browne has published an immensely interesting article over the topic of the next-generation of consoles blocking the ability to play used games. The veteran is actually all for this “Nuclear Option” as it is labeled.

Browne has been in the industry for 25 years, has run development for seven different publishers, and stresses that he has never known of publishers shunning used games. He explains that what publishers dislike is “the practices of GameStop and those that followed to force used games upon their customers.” The article explains how a colleague of Browne’s went into the store in question and found it difficult to buy a game new, as it seems the store were primarily trying to push a second-hand game onto the buyer.

Browne goes on to explain how publishers and developers are now investing time, effort and money in attempt to implement ‘mechanisms’ to veer gamers from the ‘pre-played’ game. Things like including multiplayer in every other game for the sake of needing an activation code, and releasing copious amounts of downloadable content… all in the name of pushing the ‘new’ game.

Another interesting factor the article points out that may have been otherwise overlooked, is something that has been heard of frequently of late. Publishers not wanting to take the risk of publishing new IP’s and this is particularly impacting the smaller or independant developers. Publishers are looking to publish titles from established franchises now more than ever and so we are seeing fewer brand new IP’s.

Personally, I have always been for the pre-played game market – we (South Africans) do not live in a thriving economy and so our ‘luxury’ budgets cannot be compared to that of the UK or US, loosely speaking. I also never saw why I needed to be stuck with a game I thought I would enjoy, but never did. I have bought many games from one of our largest pre-played retailers – BT Games – and can honestly say that I have never in anyway been ‘influenced’ to buy a second-hand game over a new one. I walk in a buy exactly what I want, be it new or used.

Richard Browne does bring up truths and factors that provoke the idea that I may not have seen the situation in its entirety.


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