Our companions over at ACGL have launched their updated website and it brings a host of new features and updates.

Registered members can continue to enjoy a series of free-to-enter online tournaments, as well as some “upcoming events, seasons, main tournaments and more.” The changes see a new Avatar system for player profiles, a reputation system, Achievements and more on the player profile side. Content is also a key focus with video creators getting opportunities to show off their channels and clips via the site. Importantly for those competing, there have been a number of updates to the tournament and match systems of the site.

The full list of changes are available via the announcement article on the ACGL site, but these are the point-form highlights:

  • Introduction of Customisable Avatars – body, head and headgear
  • Introduction of Goals and Achievements
  • Introduction of User REPutation and penalty points
  • Profile shows tournament, match, YouTube and Twitch Stats, as well as previous Seasons’ XP
  • Users can submit video clips directly on the site which can also be submitted for the Top 5 plays
  • Linked Twitch and YouTube accounts are listed on the Streams page
  • Free Agents have additional filters with listings older than two weeks being auto removed
  • Players listed as Free Agents for a tournament will be automatically assigned to a FA team based on their XP on check-in
  • Team creation and management has been simplified. Invite, promote and demote players from the team creation/team page
  • ‘My Participation’ section on the tournament page allows players to make sure they are checked in and manage their team rosters
  • Team substitutes are now supported in tournaments
  • Grace periods (to start next match and verify or dispute a score) are shown on match page
  • Match dispute details are shown on the match page
  • Simplified match reporting – participants select the winner per map via a drop-down menu
  • Improved map randomiser – maps no longer change randomly or duplicate
  • Match discussion and videos can now be uploaded to ‘submit as proof’
  • And a whole lot more.

Once you’ve registered (or signed in), be sure to edit your profile Avatar to the zombie, because, why the hell not right? Just remember to complete your first set of goals to unlock the items.

For those needing a little help with signing up or managing things on the site, ACGL has this handy video guide:

You can also catch up on what ACGL got up to in 2018 by checking out the article here.