Unreal Engine 3 earns Epic Games’ fifth ‘Front Line Award’

Epic Games has been honored with its fifth Front Line Award for best engine by Game Developer magazine. The mag announced the finalists and then the public can vote online to determine the results.

Epic will surely be extremely honoured as Game Developer describes this year’s finalists as representing “the most innovative, user-friendly, and useful products from behind the scenes of the world’s best video games – whether they be for AAA console titles, smartphone games or social network games.”

“This is the sixth year in a row that Game Developer magazine has given Epic a Front Line Award for Unreal Engine 3 , including 2008, when we were inducted into the Hall of Fame,” said Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games. “We appreciate the attention of our peers and thank them for recognizing our consistency in quality and performance. We make massive amounts of improvements to Unreal Engine 3 every year, so it is always evolving and breaking new ground.

“At every point in time, Unreal Engine 3 is the best engine in the business. The products we have made and our licensees have made showcase this. We will continue to develop the best game engine technology so everyone will benefit from better games,” Rein concludes.