Undead Ed chews the fat with… xTc [SA Gaming Clan]

Undead Ed was particularly excited this week.  For one of such a tender age, he really has a penchant for the era of ‘New Wave’  which spawned bands such as Talking Heads, Cheap Trick and this week’s band XTC!  Yeah, we enjoyed watching his heart break too.

This week’s clan goes by the same name as the 70’s band, but in its expanded form it’s a much catchier moniker – Xperts@Total.Chaos.  It does of course conjure up images of zombies running around everywhere without any order or control.  Pretty much like the upcoming zombie apocalypse, so we can only approve.

Xperts@Total.Chaos – nice name, how’d you guys come up with it?

xTc.M4nimal : xTc was established in 1999 one early morning on the way to work. Darryn, Ryan (old school friends and work colleagues at the time) and myself were discussing a “cool” name that could be used for an online gaming team. After many jokes, Ryan came up with one of his usually cunning yet witty jokes.. “Hey! Why don’t you call yourselves X-T-C:  Xperts at total chaos? We all burst out laughing but then quickly became silent as it dawned on us .. WOW THAT’S BRILLIANT! Since that very moment, the name stuck and xTc was born.

When did the clan/MGO form?  What was the game that brought the original members together?

The MGO formed in 1999 and quake 2 was the main game played at the time but the game that really brought xTc into the spotlight was Counter Strike. CS took the country by storm and xTc started playing it right away and went from strength to strength which ended up on a high point in 2001 where xTc won the Warfaire Championship earning them the opportunity to represent South Africa at the World Cyber Games in Korea. This was the first time SA was represented overseas.

You play a fair number of games in the clan/MGO.  Give the readers a rundown of them.

The games we play in xTc can differ from year to year depending on the popularity of the games. At the moment xTc competes in StarCraft 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty 4 and Quake Live. We are also looking to move into Black Ops 2 in the coming year.

How many members are currently in the clan and how is the management structure organised?

We currently have 17 active members in xTc which compete in the various games we play. The management structure works much like any company. We have a General Manager which oversees all the happenings inside xTc and keeps the teams active and makes sure that xTc runs smoothly. Then we have team managers which is usually the captain of the team in question and his/her job is to make sure the team practices and enters various leagues and comps making sure they are on time and are informed of these matches. Team managers are also responsible for recruitment and that the team gels well together. We also have a web developer who just so happens to be the xTc founder who helps with organizing xTc competition which we hold from our website at www.xtcgaming.co.za.

Have you taken part in and won any tournaments you feel like bragging about?

Well we have entered into many comps over the years which I think Warfaire 2001 was our greatest achievement by representing SA in the very first World Cyber Games. We have also won numerous Counter Strike competitions over the years. Recently we have placed reasonably well in StarCraft 2 winning a few tournaments and in Black ops where we placed 3rd at rAge last year and also in 2012 where we had 2 Starcraft players placing in the top 8, COD4 placing top 8 and Modern Warfare 3 placing 4th.

How often do your various teams practice together?

Teams practice usually on a weekly basis unless exams are on the go which then obviously we take a bit of a break to accommodate the players.

Do you attend LANs regularly?  If so, which?

Well most of the tournaments now are online now days namely the Do Gaming League which we all compete in. The biggest LAN that we attend every year would be the Do Gaming Championships at rAge. There are smaller LANs we do attend in the year if there are comps played, in the past there was Battle LANs and we plan to attend Organized Chaos in Cape town as we have some players situated there.

Do you consider yourselves a competitive clan/MGO, or one in it more for “fun”?

We consider ourselves a little of both actually as we do enjoy the competitive elements of gaming otherwise we would have never started a MGO in the first place but we also like to have fun. Gaming was created to be enjoyed and if you do not enjoy the game you play you will definitely not do well. If you see our teams playing at rAge, it is actually quite entertaining to watch as plenty of jokes are thrown around and we all generally have a good time. Our goals however are always to obtain the highest placings possible!

Are you guys actively recruiting players?  How do you decide on who is right to join you and how should they apply?

Yes we do actively recruit until a team is full. Then we close our doors until another spot opens. Recruitment is invite only. Usually the team leaders will try out a potential recruit he or she deems fit for a trial. During this trial we look at skill and attitude and if the player gels well with the team. We do not always recruit the player with the most skill but the best all round player who as I said before fits in with the rest of the team and is a team player!

Clan you respect the most…

There are many teams / clans we respect. We dislike arrogance and always try to show good sportsmanship.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plans are to continue on the road we are on by competing in numerous games at the highest level of competitiveness while having fun and enjoying the game. A big goal is to acquire good sponsorships for our players as they put in many hours of hard work and practice in the games they play!

In regards to professional – or competitive gaming – what do you as a clan think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

Well I would honestly say more support from gaming and computer related companies to sponsor gaming teams. Gaming is becoming a major sport around the world and has a massive following. However, overseas teams have a huge advantage over South African teams as they have financial backing allowing their players to develop more in their chosen discipline. We do not see that type of support in SA unfortunately which holds back much of our local talent.

Boring stuff over…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

Playing Paintball… closest thing to CS 😛

You have the opportunity to get a sponsored vehicle to transport the clan around. A bus for the whole team or sports car for management?

Definitely a Bus! Sports cars are overrated and teamwork is essential. 😀

If you could agree on it, what would the clan’s theme song be?

ACDC Shoot to Thrill

Thanks for your time.  Is there anything you would like to add before you go back to the virtual killing fields?

I’d just like to make a shout out to all you gamers out there. If you play competitively, remember to have fun and even if you lose, always show good sportsmanship!

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