Undead Ed got the week off last week because we couldn’t trust him to be left unattended while the rest of us went off to rAge.   Now that “normality” has returned to the hall of the undead, we sent him off to get the inside scoop with a clan we first encountered when we “introduced” them following the merger of two clans.  He had a clear adoration for the clan as he appeared to bring back a keepsake.  Not too sure whose limb it is that’s now stinking up the place.

Veneration E-sports was formed around the merger of two existing clans.  Give the readers a brief history of the two clans that make up VnR.

Yes, Veneration was formed from Legion of Anubis [LOA] and Spartan Company Gaming [SCG] players. Legion of Anubis started in November 2010 by Lionel “Target” Senore and Alex “XaXas” Van der Merwe as a call of duty black ops clan, later moving on to Modern Warfare 3. Spartan Company was formed near the end of 2010 as well by Steve “Perdition” French with help of Devon “Red” Hutchison. Spartan Company was initially only a StarCraft 2 community but later expanded into Battlefield.

Why was it time to merge the clans?

Steve “Perdition” French joined Legion Of Anubis in Call of Duty Black Ops days and captained their Veritas team, after a successful year he had to step down from gaming as he had to take his leave due to fatherhood. When he came back he once again joined up with Legion of Anubis and the two teams started their first joined team in Call of Duty 4.

Both clans wanted to expand into various games but did not necessarily had the resources to do so, example would be that Legion of Anubis tried getting into StarCraft 2 a few times, but with lack of experience in that area it was unsuccessful. Spartan Company Gaming wanted to get more into fps gaming, but also had a lack of experience.  With the successful start up of the Call of Duty 4 team, the founders Alex “XaXas” Van der Merwe and Steve “Perdition” French decided to take up the merger.

What is VnR hoping to achieve with this merger in the coming months?

All of VnR teams are already proving to be premier division quality. Our aim is to have a premier division team in each league by end next year and even be top 3 or take the respected league cup. We want to rival the likes of Bravado Gaming and other MGO’s as well as stand the test of time. E-Sports are extremely important for us so we’re aiming at growing competitive gaming where we can.

There must be a fair number of players to manage now?  How many members are there and how do you manage them all?

Yes, the members average at 90-150 now, It is a lot but every player has his role to play and bring worth towards VnR. VnR consists of a whole management team of 5 admins, these admins make core decisions around VnR’s growth,expansion and direction. For each game VnR ventures into we have a manager, the role of this manager is not only to voice opinions towards the Admins but also manage the different teams, the leagues they compete in and any disputes amongst players in their specific game. Further down we’ll have team captains. It’s all about the food chain. 🙂

You play a number of different games across the clan.  What are the main games and teams?

We try to compete in every competitive game we can and getting premier teams in that game, we currently compete in Call of Duty 4 with 2 teams, Dota 2 with 2 teams, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with 2 teams, Battlefield 3 with 2 teams, Starcraft 2 with 12 players, Counter Strike with 2 teams, Fifa 2012 with 3 players and a League of Legends team. All of the mentioned teams are either already premier teams or 1st divison teams.

How often do you play and practice together as the various teams?

We’re online every week night, either just playing casually in public matches or doing clannies, strats. Even playing different games where we don’t have teams just for fun.

Any tournaments you’ve participated in?  Any you’ve gone on to win?

Our main exposure in tournaments only happened this year, before this year we competed in the NAG Gaming league, the highest we managed to achieve was 4th place in 3rd division from our Black Ops BoW team. We also competed in the Black Ops NGL Easter Weekend Cup and managed to finish 5th. After the merger we had Nathan “Static” Anderson placing 1st in the MSSA SC2 online championship thus earning him his national colours, Nathan played for a different club at that stage under the MSSA. We also had a casual CSS team win the CSS competition at dazLAN, our CoD 4 team won the Novice cup for DGL in leg 3. And coming in a close second place at the KZN MSSA CoD 4 Championship only losing to BFB. The Dota 2 team did exceptionally well for a new team and ended overall 6th in the MWEB Inaugural cup. All of our current achievements can be found on the E-Sports Wiki.

Is attending LANs important to the clan and its members?  If so, which LANs do you attend and recommend?

We really do enjoy LAN’s and attend a LAN at least once a month, it’s not only for practice but more so for team building and bonding, and beer of course. dazLAN is really one of the LAN’s we enjoyed, unfortunately only being able to attend this once, other than that we enjoy RIOT LAN especially from the Call of Duty community as a lot of proper prem teams attend the LAN with awesome competitions. From there we attend Liberty LAN on a more casual basis.

Are you guys actively recruiting players?  If so, how do you decide on who is right to join you and how should they make contact?

We don’t look for players unless we want to start a new team, if a player approaches us for a slot in a team it’s all up to the team captain if he needs him or not, if we do need a player they’ll be tested and trailed, both in the game skill as well as communication skills over a friendly clannie or two. Contacting us is pretty easy as we have players online every night, if not our website is a good starting point for contact numbers. 🙂

In regards to professional – or competitive gaming – what do you as a clan think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

Exposure and our lack of proper Internet is the biggest issue I’d say. Dota 2’s spectator mode is already helping millions, just hope the other games genres would follow. As soon as our Internet is at least at a proper point then we will be able to stream and live cast a lot more matches than what currently is going around. School attitude is also a major issue, as soon as they stop labeling gamers as nerds more children will be willing to get into it.

Which clan do you respect the most…?

Bit of a hard question since we compete against a lot of them. Overall we look up to teams like Bravado Gaming, we’ve worked with ASF before and we respect them for what they try to achieve. Along our way we’ve built bonds with a lot of teams, ranging from SiB, Br, ASF, mG, impi, nAv, 32B, these are all teams that we respect and enjoy playing against.

Boring stuff over…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

a competitive beer drinking team.

You have the opportunity to get a sponsored vehicle to transport the clan around.  Considering the number of people, do you choose the practical option of a bus or the luxury option of a BMW for “management” and make the younger members walk [heck, they should be fit enough…]?

A train should do for our amount of players with a luxury limo for management seems fitting.

If you guys could all agree on it, what would the clan’s music soundtrack for going to war be?

Hahaha. I asked this question to a few of the players and got interesting answers, even a Star Wars theme song, 😀 which ended up in a discussion around who’s mom enjoys Star Wars the most. So I’d say it has to be the Star Wars Imperial March theme song.

Thanks for your time – is there anything else you would like to add?

Yeah, we would like to thank our sponsors Volt Energy Drink and Afrihost, and maybe for those newer teams who’s struggling to start up and acquire sponsors, just remember failure teaches success. 😉

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