RNINWe still wonder (every other week it seems) if we’ve run out of clans in South Africa already. With the pace the console teams especially start, reshuffle and end, you would think we’d never skip a week (or two. Or three) of features. Maybe it’s just laziness on the part of the ten or so clans still not sending in their replies. And you want sponsorship…

So meet our new favourites (because they didn’t leave us hanging), Team Ronin. On the flip side, with a name like that, we’d expect them to be pretty dab hands with a Samurai sword, and we’re pretty partial to our head staying attached to our necks.

Hello. Introduce yourself to the readers. Go on.

Hi guys! This is Ninja Pete ZA speaking on behalf of Team Ronin.

When did the clan form?

We formed in December last year but we have all been gaming together since Black  Ops2 and some of us since MW3! We all met up on Blops though when we were playing for S17 but at that time we were all in different teams and so we only really started playing competitive together since the formation of Ronin.

What is your platform (or platforms) of choice?

We are all a bunch of Xbox fanboys although some of the guys do branch out on PC. For the most of it though we stick to the Xbox for the competitive side of things…

What games does the clan enjoy?

We all play COD:Ghosts even though the game does make most of us rage just a tad…other than that we play anything from Minecraft to Forza or Batman, anything to get the COD rage out of our systems.

How was the clan’s name chosen?

I guess I can’t just say it sounds cool 😉 A Ronin is a Samurai without a master and at the time of forming the team we were pretty much all in the same boat with regards to not always seeing eye to eye with our old clan leader. We all decided to create a new team with no one leader ruling us, so the name Ronin fit in perfectly at the time.

Who are the leaders of the clan and what is the clan’s organisational structure like?

Well like I just explained we do not have one leader making all the decisions but rather all of us will decide together if a idea has merit or not (kinda like a dysfunctional functioning family) in games I captain the team and outside of matches Ghostsixsty6 and Soldiersixsty6 help things run smoothly and try to keep everyone happy.

How many members do you have? Keen to give out their names, credit card details and ID numbers?
Alright, only names will do.

We currently have 6 active members in the team, they are:

  • Ninja Pete ZA (captain)
  • Ghostsixsty6 (manager/admin)
  • Soldiersixsty6 (manager)
  • Ronin Reach (YouTube guru)
  • BadCookie (The master of the ninja defuse)
  • Lord Farquad (Our resident crazy…the name kinda says it all)

How often do you play together as a clan?

Do we sound like basement children if I say we on every night? Well most of us are in a XBL party just talking trash every night although we do make the occasional exception for Soldier…when that guy goes to get juice he is normally gone for a week or two…

Do you consider yourselves a competitive clan, or one in it more for “the shits and giggles”?

We are a competitive group of guys just in general so yeah we do enjoy the comp side of gaming a lot, but what would gaming be if not fun…

Has the clan participated in many tournaments? Which? Won any?

Lol we participate in basically every tournament there is online, but no, we have not won any (hey I said we were competitive I didn’t say we were good at it…). Hopefully in the near future the force will be on our side! Until then we easy money so come at us bro!

Is attending LANs important to the clan and its members?

Attending LANs are like a pipe dream to us, we all would LOVE to go but unfortunately we live so far apart that it is difficult to get the entire team at a single location. Unfortunately travel expenses are just too much at the moment although our two PE players try and attend local LANs regularly.

Are you guys actively recruiting for new players? If so, how should a potential member contact you and how do you decide on who is right to join you?

We are not actively recruiting at the moment but if any players would like to join don’t be shy we don’t bite! Our biggest requirement is not for a player to have skill (although it is a bonus) but rather for the guy to fit in with the group and to not be a dick like some of these little kiddies try to be so badly 😉

What are you hoping to achieve in the future as a clan?

Hopefully to win some tourneys and get the Ronin name out there some more…we just want to have fun doing what we love to do the rest will sort itself out.

Which opposing clan(s) do you most respect?

Well there aint no school like the old school so we look up to the guys like Hi5 and the old F34R guys, but we respect any clan that shows respect to us regardless of that clans skill or success.

In regards to professional – or competitive gaming (or even gaming in general) – what do you as a clan think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

Everyone seems to have gone LAN crazy as of late but honestly I don’t think that will grow the community as much as everyone hopes (even if they are fun). Most guys unfortunately do not have the funding to attend many LANs which means teams need to form in the same area to be able to compete and we all know it’s not that easy to just form a team where all get along and you don’t break up after a month like we see so many do. We feel there should be some sort of league ranking system in place that ranks teams in the country where you can clearly see how you stack up as a team against the rest. I know online will always have issues with lag and what not but just LANs is not the answer…

Some fun stuff:

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

Master builders from all the Minecraft we have been playing.

War movie that best describes the clan?

I feel Band of Brothers is the best description even though it’s a series 😉

If you guys had a music soundtrack for going to war, what would it be?

ACDC – Shoot to thrill.

Thanks for your time – is there anything you would like to add before you head off?

Thanks for reading guys and thanks ZG for all the effort you guys put in!!!!

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