Undead Ed chews the fat with… SASS [SA Gaming Clan]

We are pretty sure that Undead Ed misread the clan’s name when we mentioned the assignment to him.  Let’s rephrase that a little.  We know he misread it.  He came back disappointed.  Deflated even.  We thought it had been a little odd that he had combed his strand of hair and brushed his tooth before leaving.  It was even stranger when he put on his, erm, “pulling” outfit.  In hindsight, when he mentioned “oh, they’re saucy” and “I’ll bet they’re cheeky” we shouldn’t have simply assumed he meant that from an edible perspective.  SASS you braindead moron.  Not Sassy.  Zombies.  No wonder we’re misunderstood.

SASS – or South African Secret Service for when you’re feeling particularly vocal – are riding high at the moment.  Having only gone past their half year anniversary just recently, they have already proven that they are one of the best PS3 clans playing Battlefield 3 at the moment.  They participated in their first tournament and went on to win it and score themselves a sponsorship deal from Apex Interactive in the process.  They are testament to the fact that hard work has its rewards.  Clan leader Mr. Beefy elaborates…

Our congratulations on winning the recent Apex Interactive Battlefield 3 Squad Rush League – how was it for you guys?

It was really an intense experience and a REAL fun one. We love competitive gaming because we have so many competitive gamers in SASS and that was really something worth playing for.  It started as a SOCIAL league but then the APEX crew jumped in and gave the people something to play for – 40K worth of prizes – so that got all players in SASS and other clans motivated.  It was REALLY intense with late hours of practice and no social life but now that it’s over we miss it a lot.

Is this your first tournament win?

Our first tournament win – and guess what – this was the first tournament we’ve taken part in.

How much time did you spend practising for the League?

I think the better question is – was there any time we didn’t practice for the league 😀 LOL. Nah but seriously we did put in lot of hours for practice. MATCH nights were Tuesday and Thursday. We did practice from 19:00 – 22:00 every Monday and Wednesday, and after we finished on match night we also ran 2 maps afterwards to master hot spots and spawn areas to cover.

Sunday nights we also had practice from 18:00 – 21:00.

The last week of the tournament was the most intense one we ever had in our lives.

We met some French oke who plays in MLG the one Sunday so he showed me some tips on the maps that I jotted all down and in the week’s practice showed the guys the spots.

But then the intense training started. FINALS week we met one guy from the no. 1 CLAN in MLG SQD RUSH (his squad has won 17 matches and lost none this season), so he said he would practice with us and show us some tips. The only problem was that we are 7 hours ahead of his timezone and he was only available at 9pm at night. LOL.

So we practised Tuesday and Wednesday evening until midnight, went to sleep, and I woke up at 3am to phone my squad to get up for practice. LOL.  We then practised until 6am and then went to work – that was insane. Those two days I was living on breakfast Red Bull, lunch Monster, ad supper another Bull..

The Thursday I also took leave from work to focus and do last minute practice. In the final we saw all the practice pay off as we knew every possible move and spot on every map.

In this day and age when console competitive gaming is – in South Africa at least – dominated by Call of Duty, you are a Battlefield clan.  What makes that the game for you?

Well COD is not a bad game at all – really fun to play – but the fact that Battlefield has so much variety makes it the game to play. COD is mostly in our BF3 players eyes for run and gunners – no realism in the game.

With BF3 if I don’t wanna run I get in a tank. If I don’t wanna drive I get in a jet or a chopper. There is also much more detail in the game with bullet drop and suppressions – all these things make this currently the best MP game ever in our eyes… you won’t see me leaving this soon (also I’m in the SANDF –Army so I respect the realism the game has to offer).

Other than Battlefield 3 which other game(s) you enjoy as a clan?

Currently we only do BF3.  Some of the guys are looking to get into the new Ghost Recon, but I don’t see that happening with the new BF3 DLC coming out soon.  Most of us have talked and discussed the next CLAN game and we are all waiting for the new MOH.

When did you guys form and how many members were you at the beginning?

We started last year November [2011] with 4 guys because we wanted to enlist in the MLG squad rush league.  We then got another 5 guys and then we lost 7 of those leaving only 2 original members in our current structure 🙁

How many members are you currently?  Keen to give out their names, credit card details and ID numbers?  Alright, only PSN IDs will do.

Well from the small numbers we started with we grew very big and are now 35 members strong.  Not all are committed full time, but yeah that’s our total number now.

Ash01Live (SASS 2IC)
Captainpms (C SQD LEADER)

What is the clan’s organisational structure?

So far we were divided into squads for the league but our current structure plan is as follow:

A-TEAM (12 players)

3 sqd leaders, A,B,C sqd Leaders each with 3 more members

B-TEAM(12 players)

3 sqd leaders, A,B,C sqd Leaders each with 3 more members

The rest of the clan members are on reserve.  The full structure for the clan will be set out still as we are currently doing trials and interviews with members to play for a position in the A-TEAM.

Are you guys actively recruiting for new players?  If so, how should a potential member contact you and how do you decide on who is right to join you?

We have currently said on BATTLELOG that we are not recruiting any more members to SASS, but we did create another platoon – SARS – which is our sister platoon.  Anyone who wants to join SASS joins SARS first and proves their commitment and skills from there before being promoted to the main SASS team.

BUT!!!! We will never say no to a great, competitive, skilled and committed player for the A-TEAM.

If you love team play and are committed and love competitive gaming and have a MIC (A MUST HAVE), then SASS is the place for you.

Bypassing the fact you just won the League, do you consider yourselves a competitive clan, or one in it more for “the fun of it”?

The reason we started the clan was to enlist in MLG, so we started with all intention to play competitively.  That spirit hasn’t died and yet we love playing in competitions… but we have a lighter side to SASS with some guys just trying to keep the SASS spirit up.  Those who can’t always commit full time, but love gaming are also in SASS because those are some of the best assets to have in a clan – they are always available to practice against our sqds, they love having fun with the clan and I won’t trade the fun side of SASS for anything.  There must be a balance between FUN and COMPETITIVE gaming because in the end it’s just a GAME but we enjoy COMPETING – ESPECIALLY our A TEAM and our A SQD!!!!

What are you hoping to achieve in the future as a clan?

We took our first title now as sqd rush 4vs4 champs my sqd unbeaten in 18 straight matches no one clan could touch us in sqd rush thus far.

So now from here we busy focusing on more 12vs12 tactics to dominate that scene also.

We just want more ppl to know of SASS get our name out there and be role models to other clans.

Which opposing clan(s) do you most respect?

NIN Nine Inch Ninjas were our strongest competitors in SQD RUSH so much respect to them. In the 12vs12 DOG was our greatest fear – they are an old gaming clan on console and very organized and professional so a few months back we did beat them, so that was a GREAT HONOUR

But currently my greatest role model is not from SA – it’s the FFC fire fight company MLG current no. 1 ranked CLAN with 17 wins 0 loses. Great guy – he helped us with training for the league and he didn’t even know me just added him on battlelog and from there we became great friends!!

In regards to professional – or competitive gaming – what do you as a clan think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

Just speaking in regards to the BF3 scene there is still a lot of work needed.

We need more clans, we need more competitions and more tournaments and we need to get it out there that gaming is not just a game it’s a way of living. Currently we only organize our matches for local gamers via the SA Gamer Forums but there is not enough LOCAL CLANS there, so we do advertise a lot on battlelog but really struggle to get more locals in the BF3 scene.

I think we must just get the message out that gaming is alive, it is serious and we can organize huge tournaments – we just need to get more players in the scene.

Right, let’s have a little fun…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

DEAD. What else is there to live for if I can’t game… life would be boring.  But otherwise we would be a elite group of hitmen with the toughest training out there !!!

You have a clan mate pinned down by enemy fire.  Back at HQ there’s a hot Swedish blonde offering Swedish back massages at the bar.  Do you send the squad to a certain death to rescue your clan mate?  Or chill at the HQ and have a massage and drink a toast to his “valour”?

Ok this is very tricky question…. have to ask how many tickets does our sqd have left?? Enough so I can sacrifice the one member…  Or other hand we always run with lots of medics… so we could go and revive him afterwards – think he will understand…


But that will be the way it plays out in our minds but we won’t ever talk about that to each other even though that’s how we all would want it to go down. LOL.

But in all honesty WE LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND!!!! We will just ask blondie be patient!! WAIT HERE DON’T GO ANYWHERE, BACK IN 5!!!! GOT A BUDDY IN TROUBLE!!!

If you guys had a music soundtrack for going to war, what would it be?

This song has pumped us up a few times before a match.  It has also featured in a few of our clan match vids!!!

One time we were busy playing conquest 12vs12 and I hear this song coming from someone’s mic… 😀

He tried to motivate us LOL.  It worked – we turned around the game and gave a BIG A$%# whooping to the other team… don’t want to say it’s the song but it all happened when the song started playing LOL.

SASS are pretty much everywhere when it comes to an online footprint – only skipping Twitter.  Their clan website can be found here, they also have a Facebook Page, a Youtube Channel (check out some of their gameplay) and are on Battlelog.

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