Undead Ed chews the fat with… =NSD= [SA Gaming Clan]

“Never Say Die”.  Zombies never do.  Or at least we never try to.  Unless someone decides on using extreme measures like a headshot or decapitation as a course of action.  But allow us to say – “that’s NEVER a satisfactory course of action”.   Never.  Ever.  We like to shuffle around this “mortal coil”.  None more so than Undead Ed.  Of all the zombies we know – and we know hordes of them – he is by far the one most attached to his so-called life.  If you can call sitting in a basement all day on the internet a life.  When he gets out though, he likes to let his (clearly thinning) hair down.  His most recent day out involved the guys from NSD.  By all accounts he had “the time of his life”.  Whether that’s an indication of his pitiful existence or the genuinely entertaining time he had with the four members of NSD is not known.

The four good natured chaps who spoke on behalf of NSD (Never Say Die) are clan leader Prokill, Alpha-Renji (NSD’s Social Advisor), Heckers (NSD’s “only player to win “Most useless player of the year” 3 years straight.  And he’s only been in NSD for +- 5 months”) and Uncle Fester (NSD’s “one and only tank shell catcher”)…

You have been around for a while now on the PC clan scene.  When did you form and how many members did you have back then?

Prokill: Myself and Anbu-siryn broke off  a community clan (-=CP=-) to form NSD as we wanted to get to the competative side, and at the time -=CP=- were not in it competitively. Myself and Anbu started NSD and a close friend of mine (Zor-eL) joined and one of his (Discodamage) and we started from there. Next came Arc_za known then as Arcangel1976 and still with us, then came OnryO (still with us) and it snow balled from there, to what we have now.

You’re a Battlefield focused clan – did you start on Battlefield 2?  Why Battlefield and the ‘other’ FPS?

Prokill: I have played most of the “BIG” FPS games and have always found myself coming back to the Battlefield series at the time of BF2 the game had a huge learning curve and I enjoyed   the social side of it, I used to just join and sit and chat to mates online.

At one stage we attempted to create a COD team but that never happened as the guys who played BF just found COD to be too repetative. With BF every game can we diffrent and thats what makes it enjoyable, there are many ways to play it, jets, Choppers, tanks etc etc…

You’ve done very well in competitive Battlefield.  What are your proudest achievements to date?

Prokill: I would have to say…. every time we came out of a clan match having had fun win or lose. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE winning but its about the enjoyment for me.

But if I had to choose 1 thing… it would have to be placing 2nd in the DGL for Battlefield Bad Company 2 last year.

Alpha_Renji:  Excluding our track record for wins/losses, looking back, I would say our personel biggest achievement would simply be how far we have come from just a hand full of guys playing on pub servers, to 25+ members competing in two respective teams.

That and the small community we have created within =NSD= We have become more of a family than a group of players playing the same game. Half of the time I log into our teamspeak server it’s to have a talk to some of the guys and just joke around. But to get more to the point, I would say our proudest achievement to date was placing 2nd in the 2011 BC2 Do gaming league.

How often do you play and practice together as a team?

Alpha-Renji: As Individual teams, SOL(Sons Of Liberty) and SOA(Sons Of Anarchy) we play at least 1-2 clan matches a week, and every odd week or so we usually compete against each other to try out new strats and hone each others skills.

Other than that we play pub games together on a daily basis.

You’ve got around 25 members now.  How do you manage all the players?

Alpha-Renji: Haha! With much effort 😛 No, I kid I kid. Even though we do have our occasional rough patches, we always stick together and talk things out when there are problems or just something that needs attention.

The trick is delegation, one person can’t possibly do all the work. Members needs to be assigned various tasks to help lighten the load on the leaders, this way things just run smoother  and everyone has a sense of belonging which is key in any clan.

This might well be answered already considering your success, but do you consider yourselves a “serious competitive clan” or one more in it for “the fun of it”?

Prokill: Well this is a tough one, I would have to say we are more “competative” then “for  the fun”  but that does not mean we don’t have fun.

Alpha-Renji: This was a question we had to ask ourselves to, after coming from BC2 and having quite a big team restructure, making us contemplate a more fun/casual approach this time round.

We have always been a clan that has dedicated ourselves in having fun and at the same time being as competitive as possible. With some new additions to the clan, we decided to approach BF3 with the same attitude, not backing down from the challenge.

What are you hoping to achieve in the future as a clan?

Prokill: To continue to enjoy competitive gaming and strive to do the best we can do, which I feel is 1st place.

Heckers: There are some really strong clans at the moment. We will try our hardest to do the best we can. Top 5 is a realistic goal at the moment.

In regards to professional – or competitive gaming – what do you as a clan think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

Prokill: Outside influence, International Recognision and a more tight nit community. That work together as a team rather then separate clans, to have a team represent SA that is one entire clan is kind of silly as it should the best players in SA team up and take on the rest, this is the way they do it overseas but not here. For example the South African Rugby team, they don’t say ok we only want players from Cape town, NO they pick the best nation wide players to have the strongest team possible.

Which clan you respect?

Prokill: I would have to say +SSG+ as they helped  NSD become what we are, when we started we had  a weekly game vs them and they would assist us, giving us hints and tips.

Heckers: FIB and Bravado are both really good clans. They have incredible skill and teamwork. They are definitely the benchmark at the moment.

Mildly serious and boring stuff over…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be… (finish the sentence)

 Heckers: busy creating/applying to one…

The zombie apocalypse has happened.  You’re all toast unless you stick together.  Half the clan wants to keep moving and the other half wants to barricade themselves in.  How would you decide on the best course of action?

Uncle Fester: A zombie apocalypse isn’t a democracy. I will assess the situation based on the availability of food, weapon and ammunition supplies. The amount of usable soldiers compared to the amount of wounded ones will also be taken into consideration. I will then base my decision on the best course of action. The soldiers that do not agree with me will be shot immediately with the wounded ones as they are of no good use and their supplies can be divided between the rest of the soldiers.

Prokill: Knife Round

Heckers: From previous experience in this exact situation, there is only one way to possibly settle this….Rock, paper, scissors

If you guys had a music soundtrack for going to war, what would it be?

Heckers: The HamsterDance song:

Thanks for your time – is there anything you would like to add before you have to go back to never uttering the word die again?

Prokill: I would like to thank our sponsors, LandmarkPC, NGR Computers and Mweb Gamezone for their continued support for our clan.

Heckers: Big up to everyone in NSD, well done to both teams for qualifying for the DGL Premier division. Keep it up guys.

The guys have their official website, and you can find Prokill on Twitter and while the clan doesn’t have a YouTube Channel, Prokill again has that covered with his channel.

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