CK LogoFootball.  The beautiful game.  Undead Ed.  Not so beautiful.  So that’s a match made in heaven right?

Today’s clan – the Console Kingz – are a little unique in that they are a FIFA focused clan.  One of many in a growing number of FIFA clans especially in the Western Cape.  The main reason for this is the number of FIFA tournaments being held at venues city wide on a weekly basis, allowing for regular competition between clan mates and opposing clans.  We asked clan owner Francois ‘fraansman’ Van Schalkwyk to give us more insight into Console Kingz.

A lot of your members have been around for quite some time, but you have only relatively recently formed the clan.  When did you form?

We formed as Console Kingz on the 30th of October 2012. But on a side note we are still the four core players from 3 years back when we started out as BMT eSports.

You’re (currently and quite unusually) a FIFA clan.  Why the focus on FIFA as a clan (or should that be team?) game?

No we call it a Clan to stick to the gaming term. It is unusual only because Fifa only started as a power house in the local gaming industry in the last year or so. So I figured that there is a gap in the market as other eSports which is also based on 1v1 or 2v2 like Starcraft also has Clan wars. At first we were only four friends who did well in the local Fifa scene and now I recruited 3 more of Cape Town’s best Fifa players to form part of CK.

Are you planning to expand to other games?

Not at the moment, but I am not ruling it out. But for now we are focusing on Fifa and doing things right, taking no short cuts.

As a team, does it dilute the competitive one on one nature when you face a team/clan mate?  Or does it increase the competitiveness?

It does not take any of the competitive edge away, in fact in some cases it adds fuel to the fire because not only are you playing to progress, but you are playing for internal clan bragging rights and by saying this, pride plays a huge roll in success.

Who are the current members of Console Kingz?

Francois ‘fraansman’ van Schalkwyk – Owner (Xbox captain)
Tiaan ‘Tiaanasaurus’ Steyn  – (Xbox)
Dirkie ‘Dirka’ Kroon – (Xbox)
Mubeen ‘Mobizilla’ Gaffoor – (PS3 captain)
Talieb ‘talieb’ Mohammed – (PS3)
Rohan ‘Roebou’ de Jongh – (PC captain)
Bradley ‘Bradku’ Steenberg – (PC)

The players have a large number of accolades in the competitive world.  Which tournament wins are the members proudest of?

Different tournaments holds different meaning to the players, but our two players with the most accolades are fraansman and Roebou, but the most important wins have gone to Mobizilla. He finished runner up in the Fifa Interactive World Cup Qualifier in Johannesburg in 2009. He is also the holder of the coveted title of Mountain Dew Ultimate Gamer. Roebou and Dirka are also silver and bronze medalists of the DGL 2012 for Fifa 12. Mobizilla is also the only player who have managed to win FifaChamps back to back as well as the only player to win it three times. To date (10/04/13) our team has had more than 100 podium finishes.

Are you guys actively recruiting players?  How do you decide on who is right to join you?

We are not recruiting at the moment but we are never closed to new players, we always keep a look out for that player who everybody fears to play against and has a presence at tournaments or in the community.

There aren’t many other FIFA clans doing the rounds at the moment, and the competitive nature between them must be pretty intense (and personal).  Who are the clans out there you guys respect and enjoy playing against?

Our main rivals are BornGamers, we just came off the back of a Clan wars win with them and up to the very last two games the winner could not be announced. Other clans that recently popped up is FifaChamps who started their own team, as well as XtremeGaming.

You are sponsored by new energy drink company Liquid Blast.  How did that come about and what are you both hoping to achieve from this partnership?

This is one of those pure coincidence stories, I was working for GlennZA and met the Sales Manager (Wickus Nel) of Liquid Blast on the same trip, and as they say one thing led to another when I just randomly told him of my Clan’s awesomeness. What I want for my players is the recognition in the form of sponsored gear and financial backing for the long hours they put in and their fantastic skill level in the game. What we offer them is that we host weekly Fifa tourneys with their branding as well as wear their brand to all tournaments to give them some exposure. Win-Win. And might I add that the backing from them has been unbelievable.

What are your plans for the future?

We want to establish ourselves as the best Clan in Cape Town and dominate the local scene and send some of players to the Fifa Interactive World Cup Qualifiers this year.

In regards to professional – or competitive gaming – what do you as a clan think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

Our internet speeds needs to be better, as well as more stable lines so that we can compete more effectively on an international scene. At the moment the big corporations are only sponsoring the big PC tourneys and LANS but they should note that we as a Fifa community have a huge gap that they can exploit as we have more than 5 live tournaments a month!

Boring stuff over…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

Astronauts, but we are modest so became semi-pro gamers instead. 😉

Chainsaw, shotgun or football for those pesky zombies when the apocalypse hits?

Give us a Football. Not to kick them in the head, but seriously, if we start a football match…not even zombies can resist the love for the beautiful game. [Wanna bet? – Grumpy Undead Ed]

If you guys had a music soundtrack for the European Champions League Finals, what would it be?

Would not change that tune for a thing in the world, we all love to sing along to it. Yes high pitched voices and all.

Thanks for your time.  Is there anything you would like to add?

If anyone is interested in playing us in a Clan Wars, even if they are not registered anywhere as a clan just pop us a Facebook msg or drop me an email.  Just like that. Boom Boom!

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