Undead Ed chews the fat with… BoD [SA Gaming Clan]

BoD avatarWhen we first became aware of today’s clan, we knew them under another name.  In a few weeks the clan – known as FuZe – had disbanded and Box of Doom (sounds like the kind of name that should be followed by an echo) had sprung up from its ashes.  Or sprung up from its own ashes.  You see, a few members from FuZe decided to revive their old social clan – Box of Doom (*echo*) – and give it a competitive boot, taking us to where we are at today.

And we thought Undead Ed had a short fuze…

When did BoD Gaming form and how many members were there?

Around March 2012.

What game(s) was the clan’s main focus at the beginning?

Dota 2 and Battlefield 3.  Dota 2 is our main focus though.

And now?

We are starting a Guild Wars 2 team as well, however it is still under development.  Dota 2 and Battlefield are both our top games but Dota 2 remains to be our main focus and priority.

Are you guys actively recruiting for new players?  If so, how should a potential member contact you and how do you decide on who is right to join you?

We are a gaming clan that is based in Cape Town and therefore we have a policy that all members must live in Cape Town or at least in the Western Cape.  This makes things easier for communication and being available for LAN events, such as Organised Chaos.  We decided to do this as we felt that one of FuZe’s biggest issues was that not everyone could make events due to many of us being scattered all over the country.

We do recruit new members, but like I said previously, it is required that they live in the Western Cape, preferably in Cape Town.

There are 2 ways people can apply for membership.  They can either apply though our Battlefield Battlelog page or through our website.

Area of residence isn’t the only thing we look at for recruiting members.  We also need to see that the player we are recruiting displays a certain level of skill before we accept their application.

How is the clan structured with regards to management?

Brandon Addison (Myself) (Gamer name: Syipres), Joshua Cornell (Gamer name: JoSs) and Tony Southgate (Gamer name: Atticuscube) are the leaders of our clan.  Myself and Josh manage the Battlefield page and squad while Tony and Josh are in charge of our Dota 2 squad.  I’m also in charge of managing our website (which I constructed) and the general admin and marketing of our clan.

How often do the teams play and practice together?

We practice Dota 2 every evening from 6:30 mostly, however times may change now and again due to other commitments.

Do you consider yourselves a competitive clan, or is there place for less serious players?

We do consider ourselves as a competitive clan, however there is definitely space for the less serious players in our Battlefield 3 platoon.  We run on a first team and social team basis.

Do you regularly participate in tournaments or attend LANs?  Won any that you feel like bragging about?

Due to our fairly recent arrival to the competitive scene, we have not yet participated in any competitive events as we felt that it would be better to sort out all our admin before we progress in that regard.

What are you hoping to achieve in the future as a clan?

To be well known and to be a force to be reckoned with at a National level and hopefully even at an International level at some stage.  We also plan to win the Do Gaming league and win events at the OC regularly.

In regards to professional – or competitive gaming – what do you as a clan/mgo think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

Honestly, if we as South African gamers want to raise our profile, there really isn’t much we can do.  There is so much talents in South African gaming, so in my opinion, it isn’t the quality of our gaming that’s the issue, but rather it’s our internet service.  South Africa is well known to have one of, if not the worst internet service in the world due to the low internet speeds in comparison to other countries, the price of our internet services for what we’re getting and also that there are still so many people in this country that are still not uncapped, which is almost unheard of nowadays overseas.  So in my opinion, the biggest problem for South African gamers is that so many of us simply do not have the Bandwidth nor the Internet downloading speed to cope with playing online games internationally.

Are there any clans you particularly respect… or despise?

I don’t particularly despise any gaming clan.  Clans like Bravado, Invictus Gaming and Na’Vi are all clans we admire a lot.

Boring stuff over…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

…friends playing Dota 2 and Battlefield 3.

War movie that bests describes the clan – Platoon or Tropic Thunder?

Tropic Thunder, definitely Tropic Thunder.

If you guys could all agree on it, what would the clan’s music soundtrack for going to war be?

Boom by P.O.D.

Thanks for your time – is there anything else you would like to add?

Clan Website | Battlelog | DoGaming Clan Page

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