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We usually try to let the clan feature kick off with a humorous twist on the clan’s name, cleverly finding a way to connect it to zombies.  But this week… nothing.  Maybe we could pretend how awesome it would be to eat 13 000 braaaaaiiiiinnnnsss, but it just wouldn’t feel right.  So we’ll just pass you along to the clan themselves.  Maybe our mojo wil be back with us next week…

13K has been around for a while now – when did the clan form and what was the game of choice?

The clan has been around since the beginning of Black Ops 1, until it merged with eVo in Modern Warfare 3 to become eVoK. The clan then broke up and was then formed again in Black Ops 2 with new members. The game of choice is Call of Duty.

The name was changed from eVoK to 13K after the break up, and we decided to not be a part of eVo.

You consider yourselves a competitive Call of Duty clan, but what other games do you play as a clan for a change of pace (if any)?

Not at the moment.

The clan is based on PS3.  Any plans to expand to the ‘other’ platform?

Not at the moment.

How many members are you currently?  Keen to give out their names, credit card details and ID numbers?
Alright, only PSN IDs will do.

9 members: Kelterific, Caldenbartlett, StOnErKiD_ZA, kamild, xXF3AR_ScOpEzXx, MoMoola09, Notorious_M-E-X, Mastha_Bunion and recently recruited XtaZ_Eos

2 social players: Keenan-B, MAFIOSOcat

Are many of the current members still original members of the clan?

Caldenbartlett, xXF3AR_ScOpEzXx, Mastha_Bunion

How is the clan structured in terms of organisation and leadership?

Leader: Kelterific

How often do you try to play together as a clan?

We play every day as a clan and also try to organise clan matches daily.

You were the winners of the Do Gaming League Tournament – are there any other tournaments you have participated in and/or won which are proud of?

Geco-Sports LAN tournament, which we won. The Gaming Cartel 2v2 SnD tournament, which we won.

Is attending LANs important to the clan and its members – especially considering the lack of LANs in the console scene?

Yes, we think that it is important as they bring the gaming community together at a greater social level. We have won the Geco-Sports LAN as a clan, and CaldenBartlett, xXF3AR_ScOpEzXx and kamild have won Main Gaming free-for-all LANs, of which some of our other members also participated.

Are you guys actively recruiting for new players?  If so, how should a potential member contact you and how do you decide on who is right to join you?

We are not recruiting at the moment, but we are always looking out for good players. If someone wants to try out for the clan they can contact Kelterific on bbm, whatsapp or the PSN.

What are you hoping to achieve in the future as a clan?

To participate in, and hopefully win more tournaments, and get a sponsor.

Which opposing clan(s) do you most respect?

We respect the clans that aren’t scared to play clan matches, whether they win or lose. A clan that comes to mind that is always eager to play is INS4N3. I would have to say that our closest rivals could be F34R elite.

In regards to professional – or competitive gaming – what do you as a clan think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

More live stream matches, more local competitions and for teams to compete in overseas competitions.

Right, let’s have a little fun…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

Not sure.

War movie that best describes the clan – Platoon or Tropic Thunder?

Meet the Spartans / 300

If you guys had a music soundtrack for going to war, what would it be?

No Fear – by The Rasmus

Thanks for your time – is there anything you would like to add before you head off?


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