Undead Ed chews the fat with… Phenomenal Gaming [SA Gaming Clan]

Our Undead Ed fancies himself as a bit of a phenomenal zombie.  He is spectacularly phenomenal at scaring away the ladies.  He is also quite phenomenal at completely misunderstanding his assignment.  We’ve said it a thousand times to him, but while the title of the feature might refer to chewing fat, we did not mean for him to take it literally.  We are frankly tired of sending in a clean up crew after he has made a mess.

The latest victim to befall this misunderstanding is Luigi.  No, Luigi is not Mario’s brother, but the leader of the very recently formed PS3 clan Phenomenal Gaming…

You guys appear to be more than just a clan – you have an online retail store under the same name.  How’d you go from the one to the other?  Gaming just that much in your blood?

Yes I started the online store about 2 years ago as a form of extra income and when I started working I could not convey as much energy into it and then spoke to some friends and decided to use the entity as a name for the clan.

You’re a pretty new clan on the scene.  When did you form and what was the game and platform of choice?

Yes we are in the very infantile stages. We started at the end of January and have been trying to build the clan since then. The game of choice would be Fifa as this is the one we most often play and the platform would be PS3.

Are you planning to focus on the same platform?  What other games are you planning to play?

Yes we are. We are also into FPS games and would most likely get involved in Black Ops, BF3 and MW3. I myself do a lot of pc gaming and play RPGs on this platform.

How many members are you currently?  Do you have the energy to list them?

LOL! We arent that many. There are 5 of us that are adamant gamers and a 6th that joins us on occasion.
Im5cr3wyLu1 (Luigi)
Radder (Sherade)
wezzone (Wesley)
dEzZyd (Dale)
Louks (Lowell)
T3v3z (Tevin)

How often to you play together as a team?

The 3 younger guys play at least once a week and are continually playing Fifa in their own time. I join them over weekends where there will be at least 4 of us playing Fifa of MW3. Myself and wezzone meet online quite often as well.

Do you consider yourselves a competitive clan, or one in it more for “the shits and giggles”?

I would consider us as a competitive clan, we haven’t quite proved this in any competitions yet but I know their hearts.

Have participated in any tournaments or competitions since forming?  Are you planning to?

No we have not. At the beginning I was trying to get us involved in the DGL but they messed up my clan management account and could not register the clan and not all of us have an always active internet connection. I do plan on getting the clan involved in competitions and i am always looking out for information on events etc where we can partake.

Are you guys actively recruiting players?  If so, how do you decide on who is right to join you?

YES WE ARE!!! We are basically looking for guys and girls who are good at FPS games and FIFA, They don’t have to be Elite gamers but they have to be passionate about gaming and willing to form friendships with members of the clan.

Any clans you respect/want to be the most…

Oh there are quite a few clans that I have seen that are just awesome! But i think the most affluent would be the F3AR clans, the F4K3 clans and the Deathly Alliance Clan

What are the plans for the future of Phenomenal Gaming?

We want Phenomenal Gaming to be part of the wider community of gaming and expose gaming into our neighbourhoods and not just limit it there. In the same breath we want to be as good as the best if not better. We also want to have gaming competitions and events in our area as part of our contribution to gaming.

Boring stuff over…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

a bunch of cool kids hanging out and gaming 😀

You have a clan mate pinned down by enemy fire.  On the other hand, there’s a hot Swedish blonde back in the HQ offering Swedish back massages.  Do you send the squad to a certain death to rescue your clan mate?  Or chill at the HQ and have a massage and drink a toast to his “valour”?

RESCUE MY BRO!!! The shrapnel against our bodies will feel the same as a massage and when we get out of there alive, massages will be on me anyway.

If you guys had a music soundtrack for going to war, what would it be?

30 Seconds To Mars – From Yesterday but the guys would probably edit it and add some hardcore rap to it 😀

Thanks for your time.  Is there anything you would like to add before going back to being phenomenal?

Just one thing, not all the members have an internet connection at all times. I think this is probably an important point. Also Phenomenal Gaming as an entity still stands but does not do business any longer for various reasons.

Phenomenal Gaming and Luigi have a relatively big virtual footprint and you can find them on the original (but longer operating) retail site and the Video Gaming blog site.  Otherwise, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel, like them on Facebook or follow Luigi on Twitter.

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