Undead Ed chews the fat with… SCaR [SA Gaming Clan]

Zombettes like scars.  Heck, we dig scars too.  We actually prefer inflicting them.  If we can’t enjoy more than a tasty morsel of your flesh, we certainly aren’t going to let you get away without some kind of reminder of our encounter.  Of course, a few hours later the scar won’t be the only reminder of your encounter with one of our kind.  Undead Ed did of course think that the mention of ‘SCaR’ meant it was an open invitation to make his mark on a few humans again.  After more than 25 assignments of this sort you would think that braindead zombie would actually know better.

S.C.a.R. have been around for around four years on the PC scene and wanted to dig a little deeper.  So we got one of the clan’s founding admins Stephan to answer these questions under extreme torture.  Yeah… that’ll definitely leave a scar.

What does S.C.a.R stand for and how’d the name come about?

S.C.a.R Stands for Specialist Counter assault Regiment, and was basically derived from our original clan picture which was a face with a scar on. Which I made for me and my friends back in high school.

When did the clan form?

S.C.a.R formed in 2008 originally as a cod4 team, and has been going from there. The original admins being PADDA1 and myself P.O.D

You appeared to start on the back of Call of Duty 4 and have kept to the CoD franchise.  Is Call of Duty the clans game of choice generally, or are there other games played – competitively or otherwise?

Call of Duty definitely is our general strong point, as we started there and have generally not wondered too far. These days we are back in COD4 and in MW3 with looks of possibly expanding into other games, not before RAGE though.

How many members are currently in the clan and how is the management structure organised?

Currently S.C.a.R is 12 MW3 players and 10 COD4 players, with the cod4 team just starting off now our main focus remains MW3.

Management Structure is 4 admins Me, Archer, Clownsta and BaNaNaZz all mw3 players running the team. With archer heading the cod4 team as well with help from he’s vice captain Venom.

Have you taken part in and won any tournaments you feel like bragging about?

We are not a braggy bunch, but we do boast some skilful players. Including winners at Noxiouse and Liberty lan in the COD comps, and we are the winners of Newcommers cup leg 2 in DGL and still undefeated.

How often do your various teams practice together? 

We try to play every night, thats not always possible but its our general aim.

Do you attend LANs regularly?  If so, which?

Some of the players do like LANs , as before mentioned noxious is becoming regular for us and the cod4 team plans to attend DAZ lan. And GZL(Game Zone Lan).

Do you consider yourselves a competitive clan, or one in it more for “fun”?

Well I would hope both, we play because we enjoy it, and we train to do well. If that makes sense if you’re going do something it should be fun.

Are you guys actively recruiting players?  How do you decide on who is right to join you and how should they apply?

S.C.a.R will never turn away a player it considers to be skilful. We generally play with potential recruits to see how they fit into our team structure. A good recruit is 1 who listens and does what he is asked to do. Most of us are fairly good friends by now as the team structure generally doesn’t change allot.

Clan(s) you respect the most…

32B – Good team no surprises there. Great bunch of guys known them for a long time.

LOA – a good team who helps the COD community.

What are your plans for the future?

S.C.a.R is a old clan and we hope to get even older as we will always be looking to expand and better ourselves. COD BO2 is right around the corner and a obvious next step for us. MW3 should the league stay intact will have our continued attention, COD4 starts next year and who knows we might have a few other surprises by then.

In regards to professional – or competitive gaming – what do you as a clan think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

Online presence is a big thing if you want to be noticed you have got to make yourself heard, we do that quite well with Live streaming of high profile games, and a in house video editor who makes frag videos for us and other clans.

Boring stuff over…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

Zombie killers??? Lol although that might scare some of you guys. But maybe that is what we want 😉

If you guys had a music soundtrack for going to war, what would it be?

This war is ours, by escape the fate.

War movie that most represents the clan – Tropic Thunder, Saving Private Ryan or Platoon?

Well if it has to be one of those I am going with Tropic thunder. We are a weird combination and not always perfect but when it comes down to it we get the job done.

Thanks for your time.  Is there anything you would like to add before you go back to the virtual killing fields?

To be a bit sentimental here, I would like to thank every S.C.a.R member , and every one of you there ever was. Every player who has joined me on the battlefield has earned a place as my friend every one of you somehow contributed to the team to make it what it is now.  And I might not say it often enough but thank you guys for making it the team it is today.

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