What is it with clan names?  They generally appear to threaten some level of violence or destruction.  It’s no wonder Undead Ed heads out on these assignments with a look of trepidation in his maggot riddled eye.  He’ a soft soul actually.  Contrary to popular belief he isn’t out to decimate the living population – only the ones who deserve it.  “MDK?  Sounds innocent enough this time,” he said as he skipped out the door.  We didn’t have the heart to explain it to him…

Not to be confused with MDK the game or Murder Death Kill the band, or even the term coined in Demolition Man, this is MDK (Murder Death Kill) the South African gaming clan who are more likely to achieve their aim of murdering, death-ing and killing in the virtual world than Demolition Man’s oddball utopia.

Being a relatively new clan on the scene – some of their players have been in the scene a while – they themselves don’t have a long list of competitive tournament wins to parade about, but they are looking to stamp (or slap) their mark on the Xbox 360 scene.

You guys only recently registered the clan on DoGaming – how long have you guys been around for and how many members do you have?

We formed about 8 months back and we are still a growing clan. MDK currently has 6 members and counting …
SlappaDaBass Za
DubVision ZA            
MrSwag ZA

What is your platform of choice?


What game do you focus on as a clan?

Call of Duty – MW3

Any other games you play for a change of scenery?

Tiger Woods ( any one of them )

Do you consider MDK (and its members in general) “in it to win it”, or more of a “shit and
giggles” clan?

We are a bunch of guys that love gaming and playing against other clans when we
get a chance. At times its all fun and games but WE DO LOVE WINNING!  And take it seriously.

Are you looking to expand the clan’s numbers?  If so, how do you decide who is right to join you?

MDK is open to everyone young and old. If you are interested in joining MDK you can contact SlappaDaBass ZA on DoGaming or on Live.

What are MDK’s plans for the future?

Expand The MDK brotherhood
Compete in other game genre’s as well

Are there any other Clans you respect or hate?

Respect: Hi5 ( TDM matches with 1 or 2 of these members  )               
Hate: Well that’s a whole other chapter …

Right, mundane ‘getting to know you” stuff out of the way…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

A bunch of older guys with a bunch of younger guys … in most countries that’s illegal lol

If you could choose a new clan member – would it be Chuck Norris or John Rambo?

Who is John Rambo ???

What would the clan’s music soundtrack be?

Beegees – Stayin Alive

Thanks for your time.  Is there anything you would like to add before going back to saving the (virtual) world?

Happy gaming and catch you on the playing field!!

MDK Clan Website


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