ADEPTWhen we sent Undead Ed off last time to interview today’s clan they were called Adios la Vida (ALV) and it was fittingly predicted that the end of the world was imminent. We all survived that supposed apocalypse (or you just didn’t notice it), but around six months later ALV said “adios” and adapted to Adept.

Maybe we should let them explain it all.

We caught up with ALV just over six months ago. There’s been a number of changes, including a renaming. What brought that about?

Adios la Vida originally consisted of the WEIRD abc, Toothpick ZA, HAzardZ ZA and Rogue Z4. A couple months later, after the release of Black Ops 2, Damage A3 was recruited and Itz eRa was recruited during the Mweb SnD Ladder.

It was not until recently that the WEIRD abc and Rogue Z4 left and only four members were left; HAzardZ, Damage, Eraa and Toothpick. Player roles changed whereby Eraa changed from an objective based player to the teams Anchor and Damage become the team Slayer.

We suffered another loss when Toothpick decided to leave to focus on his final year of school. It was at this point that we felt that the clan, Adios La Vida, brought back too many bad memories and a fresh start was needed – Team Adept. We picked up The Last Hero from F34R elite and a new team was born. We also recently recruited Swizz as our 5th; he is a young talented player who is willing to learn.

Who are the members of the clan now?


What is the clan’s organisational structure, and each of the player’s roles in the team?

HAzardZ is our team leader; however, we all discuss important decisions that need to be taken in the clan.
Eraa – Anchor
Blackout – Support AR/ Slayer
HAzardZ – Support OBJ
Damage A3 – OBJ (Organisational Manager)
Swizzz – Support AR/Slayer

Has the clan decided to try and localise itself a little more?

Yes, we are all based in Cape Town.

You are still an Xbox 360 clan. No plans to move or also feature on PS3?

Forever Xbox, Bro!

Which console will the clan focus on next generation?

Xbox One 🙂

You’ll obviously still focus on the Call of Duty series?

Yes, we are all die hard Call of Duty fans.

Any other games played for a change of pace?

We like to go back to MW2 every now and then, Minecraft, and Terraria.

You’ve been (under the name of ALV) busy in a number of tournaments recently. From your Mweb Ladders and other tournament experience, what do you think still needs to be done with regards to continuing the growth of console eSports in SA?

The organisation of the recent tournaments held in South Africa has had great organisational structure and the competition strong. Although there could be a LAN circuit (as seen in MLG), but we don’t see that happening too soon.

Do you think there has been much growth in the last year or so?

Definitely, back when we started playing in MW2 there was virtually no clans in the competitive scene and the ones that were there didn’t show the potential that we have at the moment.

It’s still tough for (especially) console clans to get sponsorship deals.  Does Adept have any plans to really push themselves and their marketability to appeal to sponsors?

We first need something to show for, haha. Sponsorship is an attractive idea and we will always be looking to seize the opportunity if it arises.

What is it that most clans actually expect sponsors these days?  Private jets and limos?

Hardly, right now clans would like to take part in the North American Pro Circuit which would be possible with the help of a sponsor.

What do you guys think the sponsor expects in return from the clans?  The danger is that many clans can’t stick around or change players too regularly.  Surely that makes any sponsor nervous?

We feel that a sponsor would expect exposure; advertising would play a large part in deciding if a company would sponsor you.

We assume you’re off to go and dominate someone, somewhere.  Anything you would like to add before you do?

Thanks for the interview!

The clan is busy working on their website and YouTube channel, but can be found on:

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