Undead Ed chews the fat with… =ASF= [SA Gaming Clan]

It’s a long weekend here in South Africa – that’s for those that didn’t know – but once again, the Zombiegamer slave masters forced everyone’s least favourite [we tell him that’s how he is perceived] zombie Undead Ed out to accost another poor clan.  However, this time he didn’t expect to be faced with an army in the shape of Advanced Special Forces.  In a normal case, he would’ve annihilated a group of 40+ humans.  Things change a little when those very same humans are armed.  Sheepishly, he decided grovelling was the best course of action and begged for forgiveness for his devious thoughts.  “Can’t we just get along?  Maybe just talk?”  Thankfully (well, we don’t really want him to be out of our lives), ASF’s two clan owners Nashief (Ltdabull) Hendricks and Rizaan (snake182) Lakay agreed and this is what they spoke about…

To say you’ve been around in PC gaming for a while is a little bit of an understatement.  That being said, you guys started in 2005 and then seemingly disappeared a few years later.  You’re back now, but if you don’t mind giving the readers a small history lesson?

ASF started in 2005 as a handful of friends who just wanted to play casual online games, namely battlefield 2. It was very clear that after about 6 months of enjoying the genre, that the ASF boys had skill and a sense of friendship that was visible on the battlefield. ASF slowly started becoming a clan for friends to play together and it grew in size to about 12 members who played actively every evening. The clan was starting to make a presence on the servers and got asked by the Assault clan to a challenge in a clan match. This was a first for ASF and it proved to be so, as the Assault clan was well established and had played many clan matches before that. ASF got totally destroyed in that game and it was clear that we had to do work on playing clan games.

Since that night ASF kept practicing, recruiting and playing more clan games to improve its clan match skills. ASF then went on to dominate the BF2 scene winning rAge 2 consecutive years for BF2. When BF2142 was released, ASF moved over to the new version of the game. Once again ASF went on to dominate the Battlefield arena, winning the EA APAC Taipei competition. ASF also went on to receive national colours for BF2142 2 consecutive years, as well as winning rAge for BF2142. ASF also had 3 members of the 6 members that travelled to Singapore to represent SA at the EA Crysis competition. ASF, then travelled to Singapore the following year where they played against BF.Nut (APAC Winners in Taipei) in a few practice matches.

When BF2142 started faded, there seem to be no response to the Battlefield community from DICE and EA. ASF started playing Call of Duty 4, but it seemed that the teamwork lacking the skill and complexity of the Battlefield genre. After a year of playing Call of Duty, the clan went into hibernation until the next version of Battlefield came out. When Battlefield Bad Company 2 was released to the PC, ASF revived it’s active members and began to get into the Battlefield arena again. It was clear that the 2 years of hibernation, gave other clans the opportunity to close the gap that ASF had over the rest of the teams in South Africa. With the release of BF3, ASF has now fully gone active and in full training, with its sights set on winning the Do Gaming League Premier division for 2012. Of the 56 teams playing in the initial legs, ASF has made it to the top 8 and will be entering the Premier leg in the next 4 weeks.

You now have over (according to DGL) 50 clan members in around seven teams – correct?  How do you manage all those players?  Are they all active players too?

Yes that is correct but from the 57 members we have 43 active players between the 6 teams

You play a number of different games across the clan.  What are the main games and teams?

Battlefield 3 – 2 Teams: Aquila and Hawks
Call Of Duty

How often do you play and practice together as the various teams?

Most of the teams practice from Mon to Thurs with matches on Sundays.

You’ve played and won a few tournaments and earned National Colours too.  Any of them (we’d assume the National Colours) that you are particularly proud of?

The most memorable one was the EA Games APAC Taipei competition, which was played over the course of a month. The winner was going to travel to Taipei, sponsored by EA, to play in the APAC competition. ASF went into the competition as an underdog, because the clan lost a few core players and had to recruit some new blood at the last minute. After 4 weeks of intensive battles, the key factor that pulled ASF trumps, was its brotherhood and will to win. On paper, ASF was probably ranked about 4th out of the 15 or so clans that participated.

Some of your members are part of the training team for Mweb GameZone’s GiB (Gamers in Beta) training initiative.  For those interested, what is that basically about?

The fundamental purpose of GiB is to get some of the most experienced online players to train people who are too shy or unsure of themselves. Trainers will take new players through the basics of the game, graduating them from the very basics all the way up to the insights which are necessary to take part in competitive online play – this is  training covering movement, kits, weapons and initiation to gameplay.

What are you hoping to achieve in the future as a clan?

ASF’s short term goals is to have all of its games have at least 1 team in Premier for 2012 and in 2013 maybe 2 of them winning it. ASF also wants to build a brand in SA called ASF Gaming. We will be launching an online store selling Gaming Equipment, recommended by clan players as well as setting up a gaming training academy.

In regards to professional – or competitive gaming – what do you as a clan think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

South African gaming is already on the Gaming Map, by having a few teams represent in international competitions but as a clan we think just representing is not good enough. South African teams need to play in more international events and actually win. This can only happen with more exposure to overseas clans by playing them in clan games. If the South African government can recognize gaming, like the Singapore government does, more players will invest time and money in gaming.

 Which clan you respect/hate/want to be the most… (delete where not applicable)

 ASF has respect for most clans in South Africa, especially the more competitive clans that take gaming seriously. These are the clans that push gaming to new levels in South Africa. To mention a few of the clans we keep a close eye on is FiB, BVD and NSD.

Boring stuff over…

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

Fat and lazy.

You have the opportunity to get a sponsored vehicle to transport the clan around.  Considering the number of people, do you choose the practical option of a bus or the luxury option of a BMW for “management” and make the younger members walk [heck, they should be fit enough…]?

I would take the bus don’t want to have my members worn out before a game.

If you guys could all agree on it, what would the clan’s music soundtrack for going to war be?

This would be the BF2 theme song.

If you want to keep up with the chaps of Advanced Special Forces, you can check visit their clan website, or subscribe to their YouTube Channel.  They ar also on Facebook and Twitter.

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